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  • Categories for The MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

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    The MAC Protocols for wireless sensor networks are divided into two categories: 1. Contention-based: The Contention based protocols are used to avoid the hidden terminal problem. But the problems with these are idle listening, collision avoidance, and overhearing. IEEE 802.11, S-MAC are examples of this category 2. Reservation–based: TDMA protocols are based on reservation and scheduling. They have less energy-consumption compared to Contention based Protocols. Bluetooth is an example of TDMA based

  • Wireless Sensor Networks : An Pest Management System

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    Abstract- Wireless sensor networks have been used in agricultural scenario because of the need for enhancing precision, quality and quantity in farming. This paper is about developing a prototype for the system which utilized a real time wireless sensor network to communicate wirelessly with a pest management system that measures the parameters air temperature and air humidity in an Apple farm for the prediction of disease, Apple Scab in Apple. For this purpose an application software has been

  • Essay On Cmos Image Sensors

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    . EXPERIENCE WITH CMOS IMAGE SENSORS (AFTER THE YEAR 1990) MOS technology has shown promising results for electrode preparation but has certain limitations of decrease in threshold voltage due to mismatch in charge components, and thinner gate oxide [114]. CMOS technology has not only reduced these problems but also gained popularity over its counter parts of microphotodiodes and CCD [17]. Unlike the initial trials of obtaining the phosphenes stimulation, placement of retinal tissues, use of appropriate

  • A Wireless Sensor Network usually is formed by numerous wireless sensor devices. Routing is an

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    A Wireless Sensor Network usually is formed by numerous wireless sensor devices. Routing is an important mechanism which will help the data to get forwarded to the right destination. Internet Protocol is an important protocol which helps in routing process. Generally the nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network are integrated and routing using IP version 4 is difficult as the address space is limited. IP version 4 uses 32 bit addressing mechanism which is not sufficient to complete the routing process

  • Various Design Issues In Wireless Sensor Networks

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    are explained below :- a. Energy Consumption: Sensor Nodes are subject to battery power. Sensor networks are set on hostile situations so supplanting the battery is unfeasible. Consequently energy preservation and administration is a basic issue to determine in wireless sensor network. b. Fault tolerance and adaptability: Fault tolerance is the capacity to keep up sensor network functionalities with no interference because of disappointment of sensor nodes. At the point when any node falls flat

  • Secure Data Aggregation Of Wireless Sensor Networks

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    aggregation in wireless sensor networks: A comprehensive overview   Abstract: Wireless sensor networks frequently consists of a huge number of less expensive radar networks that rigorously partial detecting,computation and communique abilities.due to source regulated radar nodules,this one is essential to diminish the extent of data broadcast so that the normal radar life span and the global bandwidth operation exist transmission in the network.As wireless sensor systems are frequently

  • Installing A Wireless Sensor Network Essay

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    Wireless Sensor Network or WSN is supposed to be made up of a large number of sensors and at least one base station. The sensors are autonomous small devices with several constraints like the battery power, computation capacity, communication range and memory. They also are supplied with transceivers to gather information from its environment and pass it on up to a certain base station, where the measured parameters can be stored and available for the end user. In most cases, the sensors forming these

  • Installing A Realistic Wireless Sensor Network Setting

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    in a realistic wireless sensor network setting. Based on numerous proposed hierarchical routing infrastructures, we surveyed some hierarchical clustering algorithms and briefly discussed them. Main purpose of this paper is to present some recent hierarchical protocols and point out silent features of them. These routing protocols very much benefit in prolonging network lifetime and save energy of sensor nodes. Keywords: hierarchical protocols, clustering, wireless sensor networks, residual

  • The Active Pixel Sensor Of Digital Cameras

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    Pixel Sensor in Digital Cameras Basic Working and Modes of Operation Aronee Dasgupta Telecommunication Department RV College of Engineering Bangalore, India Bharghav Ram Telecommunication Department RV College of Engineering Bangalore, India Abstract—Digital cameras have become extremely common as the prices have reduced. One of the drivers behind the falling prices has been the introduction of CMOS image sensors. Integrating a CCD sensor is very

  • Essay about Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

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    Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of a large number of low cost sensor nodes depolyed in parking area. These sensor nodes form a multi-hop ad-hoc network by wireless commnunication. Each sensor node detects whether the vehicle is parked, samples and transmits the information to base station where the information is gathered and processed. WSN can be applied to many other fields such as habitat monitoring, environment monitoring, smarthome, intelligent transportation and so on. The industrialization