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  • Hard Disk

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    Hard Disk The Physical Characteristics of All Disks The hard disk has one or more metal platters coated top and bottom with a magnetic material similar to the coating on a VCR magnetic tape. In the VCR the tape moves by a fixed recording and sensing device (the "head").  In a disk, the recording head is on a movable metal support called the "arm". Information is recorded onto bands of the disk surface that form concentric circles. The circle closest to the outside is much bigger than the circle

  • Enterprise Storage Systems : A Efficient Repository For Business Information

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    Enterprise class storage Earlier many organizations placed storage and backups at the bottom of the IT Priority list. Only organizations in the World Trade Center that had robust data backup systems in place managed to survive. Today, storage, backup, and disaster recovery is a high priority for every organization. The two levels of storage system is live storage and backup where backup is increasingly becoming more and more critical. Enterprise storage is the computer data storage designed for

  • Informative Speech : Building A Computer

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    Building a Computer Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to assemble a computer. Central Idea: The steps involved in assembling a computer are, preparing for assembly, building the platform, installing the motherboard and power supply, and finally installing cables, cards, and drives. Introduction I. Computer 's are an integral part of our daily lives. Just about anywhere you go, a computer is present. Hospitals, banks, even the gas pump you frequent, relies on computer 's to figure

  • Informative Speech Outline On A Computer

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    Informative Speech Outline Topic: How to build a computer General purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to build a computer and the components need it. Introduction: I. Attention-getting and orientation material: Have you ever consider build your own computer? II. According to Brian Benton, a IT director/chief engineering technician, one of the reason to build a computer it’s because “It’s much easier to get exactly what you want” II. Thematic Statement: Today, I hope to

  • Designing Your Own Computer For A Computer

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    There are various steps that go into building your own computer, this guide is designed to help even the least computer savvy people in building their own machines. Building a computer from scratch gives you the perfect machine that you have always desired, it allows you to modify and build a computer that suits your needs best. It is always a less expensive option, rather than spending a fortune on pre-built machines which sooner or later do require major upgrades. There 's a rush that you get when

  • A Report On Gaming Pc

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    Daniel Fennell AS 91080 Report Gaming PC The user will mainly use this computer for playing highly graphical video games such as Far Cry 4, the Call of Duty Franchise and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The user will be using this pc for hours a day, so he/she will need a pc which is able to handle hours of gaming and being able to run the games at at least 60FPS and be able to run them at high graphical settings and be able to display these graphics in 1080x1920 resolution. The components needed

  • Advantages And Cons Of The Tivo Roamio

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    Software When it comes to the software package, the TiVo Roamio is just like the former editions. Talk of how fast, the same third party app like HULU and Netflix?, but with additional new features which has been added to the new Edition (TiVo-Roamio - OTA-DVR-Compatible ). Roamio OTA with 1TB of storage capacity that support 150 hours of high-definition programming. It is also equipped with six tuners; you can record multiple programs at the same time, and can watch a channel live. The device is

  • Computer Component Upgrade : Parts Of A Computer Essay

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    Digital Technology Internal BMC 11INTE_02 3 March 2016 Computer Component Upgrade Parts of a Computer Processor A Processor is the ‘workhorse’ of the computer doing all of the calculations and processes that are required to power the computer programs that the user are is running. A processor would find it hard to keep up with all of the most current programs that needed to be run if it only had one section that could operate. So over time, CPU’s have been engineered to have more than

  • Installing An Ide Disk On A Linux System

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    The purpose of this document is to detail the various steps needed to install, make ready, and mount an IDE disk on a Linux system. The process starts first with the cabling and physical installation of the disk. Next it is key to ensure the computer’s BIOS is properly configured to allow access to the drive. Once the machine can see the physical drive the next step is to prepare the drive to accept data by partitioning the drive for the desired disk layout. Finally, the drive is mounted within

  • Essay on Outsourcing IT Services Causes Organizational Risks

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    Outsourcing IT services causes organizational risks that services recipients must have pay serious attention to. About a decade ago, very few companies had any experience with the contracting process. Much experienced has been gained outsourcing non-core process such as catering, security, logistics and treasury and archive services. in fact, many companies now have experienced with IT outsourcing itself, since they have contracted out their IT services before sometimes even to several consecutive