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  • Analysis Of April Morning By Howard Fast

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    protective, caring man for his people. He makes the hard decisions when war is around the corner. The reverend is a religious man with his references to the Bible. “If the Reverend hadn’t taken the situation in hand and preached one of his hottest sermons on the relationship of the fruits of the earth to plain, downright human foolishness, I don’t know where it would have all ended.”(Fast 28). This quote as he was preaching to the community about the relationship of the fruits plus how human foolishness

  • Jonathan Edwards And Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

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    Two On-Time Sermons One can hear a sermon any day of the week, because there are many preachers out there in the world. Many sermons are retold Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments that tell how our ancestors lived, and teach us life applications of how to glorify God while we are living our lives. For over a thousand years God’s word has been preached by many faithful men who follow Him. However, there were some of those faithful men who used God’s Word and their own improvisation to

  • A Summary Of The First Great Awakening

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    Described as theologically significant, The First Great Awakening (c. 1735-1743) was the beginning of a revitalization that hit the American colonies by storm. It began to form once religion had eased down and preachers began to take an emotional foot in religion and increasing liberalism - Armenia (free will) ideals began to form. George Whitefield, a circuit rider who preached spiritual awakening, and Jonathan Edwards, imposed fear in people by claiming God had already chosen who get his salvation

  • John D. Arthurs 's ' Preaching With Variety '

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    Jeffrey D. Arthurs. It is a great resource and provided a wealth of information on various preaching styles and form. “The book describes the rhetorical dynamics of biblical genres and suggest how preachers can reproduce some of those dynamics in their sermon” (pg. 15). The content of the book consisted of illustrations, a forward, introduction, epilogue, notes, and a bibliography section. The author discussed various was to use the psalm, parable, proverb, epistle, narrative, and apocalyptic literature

  • The Causes Of Ethnic Cleansing In Burma

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    Burma I argue that Wirathu of Burma’s preaching of hate-filled sermons should not be tolerated. While it is not the cause of the ethnic cleansing in Burma, his sermons can instigate violence between the Muslims and Buddhists in the country. This ignites more rationalization of the ethnic cleansing. Burma is no stranger to war or outside influence from other countries in the west, and after the Buddhists of the county fought against military rule in 2007, they won the international administration

  • The Theology Of The Holy Spirit And The Implications For Expository Preaching

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    bright light in the study will be white hot in the sanctuary”. For Heisler, this plays practically into what the preacher chooses to edit out or keep in his sermon notes, and how he animates his preaching points and biblical narratives . With this doctrine Heisler challenges preachers to practice the spiritual disciplines as part of their sermon preparation. Citing Paul’s example, he

  • The First Great Awakening And Jonathan Edwards And George Whitefield

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    to value logic and reason over faith in the church. This caused the faith in the church to become incredibly low. Going to church started to be a chore, and individuals would only go to receive the sermon, if at all. Upon seeing the overall state of religious faith, preachers began taking their sermons to the people by preaching in central areas and going from church to church throughout the colonies. This became known as the first Great Awakening. At the forefront of the Great Awakening were preachers

  • Sermon

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    Good Bye and Good Riddance Pt 4 2nd Corinthians 2:5-11 Here we are the third Sunday in the New Year. We have closed out 2012 and here we stand in 2013. The start of a New Year is the perfect time for believers that desire to obtain the fullness of God in their lives, to reflect over their lives and see what things they need to say goodbye and good riddance to. Most often we notice the obvious, but through this message, were going to uncover was has hurt so many for so long. * On Dec 28th

  • Ideas In John Patrick Shanley's Doubt, A Parable

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    are never – at least fully – one’s own, but rather an expression of correlating thoughts in daily life with one another. In John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt, a Parable, readers are introduced to Father Flynn a priest that conducts the sermons within the congregation, sermons form from the ideas he has throughout his days. Each one containing a message that the congregation can take from and in at the same time expressing himself through them. As the play progress readers see the conflict between Father

  • The Impacts Of The Great Freekening And The Impact Of The Great Awakening

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    rationalism. Some of the people who were influential during this time were people like George Whitefield who had thousands that would venture out to see and hear him preach. Gilbert Tennent was another influential man during this time. His most popular sermon, "On the Danger of an Unconverted Ministry," contrasted contemporary hostile to revivalist pastors with