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  • Analysis Of The Sermon In The Pardoner

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    The Sermon from The Pardoner The most sinister character in the Canterbury Tale brings in a much and intriguing feel to the story that is already full of menacing people it is shocking to believe that they can be topped. The Pardoner a man who excels in manipulating the gullible a man so gifted with slick wordplay every one of his customers he encounters the Pardoner seems to with so much ease leave them without a penny. This man who possesses so much confidence is a man who also withhold a sense

  • The Sermon On The Mount ( And The Plain )

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    Inherent Value in the Sermon on the Mount (and the Plain) Critical analysis of Christian doctrine often suggests overlapping principles concerning teachings. That is, the teachings of one individual, such as a disciple of Christ are re-interpreted and introduced by another, heightening discussion on historical relevance, intent, ethical implications and methods of delivery. The Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon on the Plain fall under this category of controversial interpretation. One is recognized

  • The Process Of Sermon Formation

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    The process of sermon formation takes on a different character for each preacher, a character as unique as the preacher themselves. Many approaches have been advocated based on topical or exegetical sermon styles and each has its own merit in a particular context. My personal approach to sermon formation has evolved over time as I have grown in my Christian walk, my knowledge of theology has expanded and I have learned the basics of translating biblical languages. In my current context, I am one

  • The Sermon On Preaching Indulgence

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    A. I found the document titled, Tetzel’s sermon on preaching indulgence to be very interesting. It is slightly humorous how Tetzel used fear and salvation to sell indulgences. The notion that a person can buy God’s forgiveness for a sum of money is somewhat absurd. In this day and age, we speak of charity and giving. The amount of money that we give for charity is not weighed by its value more than it is measured by the impact it leaves on others and the genuine of our thoughts when giving charity

  • My Favorite Sermon

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    preach, and no one comes close to Pastor Tim in the way he explains his messages. His sermons, inspired by God, is able to change the hardened of hearts. Never have I seen a preacher use humor to connect with his audience as Pastor Tim does. Look up his sermons on YouTube, you won't be disappointed. I'll attach my favorite sermon of his (JONAH HAS TOO MANY CHAPTERS) at the end of this post. I blogged about this sermon some weeks back, but it's worth listening to. When God wants to speak to you, He uses

  • The Teachings At The Sermon On The Mount

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    resemble each other in meaning, they differ in their purpose. When looking at Jesus’ teachings at the Sermon on the Mount, he gives clues onto what the ideal person is portrayed as. Many use St. Matthews version of the Sermon as an ideal reference: “How blessed are the poor in spirit: the kingdom of Heaven is theirs… Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for uprightness: they shall have their fill” (Sermon on the Mount, Verse 3 and 6). By a stale look at these verses, one can infer that the ideal person

  • Summary Of The Sermon On The Mount

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    the same? And if you greet only your brothers and sisters, what more are you doing than others? Do not even Gentiles do the same? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect”. (The new Oxford Annotated Bible) Literary World In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is talking to the crowds and the disciples helping them understand that hatred doesn’t come from God. He was teaching them to embrace a new way of thinking. He challenged them to see the concept of love differently. He was exposing

  • Sermon : The Bread Of Life

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    Scripture: John 6: 44, 51-58 Title of sermon: The bread of life Let us pray. Gracious God, Thank you for this beautiful day and the chance to share the Gospel today. Please help us to hear, understand and practice God’s word through the Holy Spirit, In the name of Jesus Christ. We pray, Amen. As you know, I always ask you a question in the beginning of preaching like “Do you remember the title of the sermon from last Sunday? However, there was not the title of sermon last Sunday. And I suggested you

  • A Sermon On Judges 19

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    A Sermon on Judges 19:1-30 I am a preacher from the Methodist Religion. I enjoy the organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church service, in which we follow an order to the way it is conducted. I love that we go through this whole Order of Worship every Sunday morning. The most interesting concept to me is how we are introduced to the Bible and see the books within the Bible intertwine themselves together within the year. An example is how Paul founded Churches, and speaking to

  • The Sermon ' 1corinthians 10

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    Sermon – 1Corinthians 10 By: Charmaine Warford Summer 2014 Do you ever wonder if what you about to do is right in the sight of God? Do you have questions that you seek answers to from God’s word? We all get in situations when there appears to be no clear answer to satisfy that what we are about to participate in is right. The truth is that oftentimes our life is built around things that aren’t wrong; they just don’t have any spiritual value. We should ask ourselves, “How does this help me grow