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  • The Importance Of The Beatitudes

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    What are the Beatitudes? What do they do for us? The Beatitudes are the eight declarations of blessedness spoken by Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount. They each begin with “Blessed are…” The Beatitudes show us what is good to do, and how we will be rewarded for doing it. They are basically shedding light on how we will be able to meet God and what we need to do here on earth. So today, I will discuss each Beatitude and how they have a spiritual and concrete connection. The first Beatitude is “Blessed

  • The Sermon Of The Fiery Furnace

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    One of the most central ideas found in the Bible is the concept of faith. However, faith used in Biblical terms is much broader than that. Faith is a commitment built on belief and trust. Stories of faith can be found throughout the Old Testament. Faith is not only our commitment and trust in God, and also God’s commitment to us. Youngblood defines faith as “the complete dependence on a dependable, and trustworthy God.” This paper will view the story of the fiery furnace, my step of faith in

  • Christ in Discipleship

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    Christ In Discipleship DSMN 500: Discipleship Ministries March 27, 2014 The definition of a disciple is “One who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, as one of the twelve in the inner circle of Christ 's followers according to the Gospel accounts.” Discipleship means nothing without Christ being the central focus. It is crucial that Christ be the central focal point for all Christian discipleship. There are

  • The Beatitudes In Jesus'sermon On The Mount In Matthew 5

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    Conforming to the world brings shame, but standing with the righteous brings eternal glory. In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5, He gives the world a path to follow, an outline of how to live commonly known as the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are puzzling to us. They are difficult to put together rationally and find the logic in them. God’s plans for our world and for our lives are not always logical to us, but He is God and does things for reasons we cannot understand. We can see

  • The Priest 's Halloween Sermon

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    I forced myself to think about the priest’s Halloween sermon. It was during that sermon that I experienced my first vison. I was watching the red and blue colors of the stained glass window. In the window was a boatload of apostles. Suddenly, I felt that the fishermen were in need of assistance and found myself standing on the shore of a river in the woodlands near the church. An old fisherman in need of a haircut whittled a twig as he stood a few paces to my right. I tried to tell him that I feared

  • Wedding Speech On Wedding Sermon

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    away today in Marriage to this Man? Father States- I Do... Speak Now At this time if there is anyone in attendance who has cause to believe that this couple should not be joined in Marriage, you may speak now...or forever hold your peace! Wedding Sermon Marriage is more than a simple exchanging of rings...Rather, it is an indescribably, powerfully, shared commitment. While today I will legally bind you together, the truly important bonds we form today are largely invisible to the world, existing

  • A Passionate Sermon At Church Essay

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    Once during a passionate sermon at church, my pastor had made a vivid statement about incorporation of sin in law. Pastor Smith stated, “the world has developed loopholes to maintain its dignity by incorporating sin into the law, and as long as we are operating under the law, our actions are perceived as being justified”(Smith). Reflecting on his theory has brought me to the realization that the United Stated has established a profitable industry, governed by the creation and the manipulation of

  • Jesus Teaches His Followers ( 5 1-6 ) Essay

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    his immediate “disciples,” but was teaching was to the crowds (4:25, 5:1, 7:28), believer and non-believer alike. I. Pursuing righteousness (5:3-6) Matthew 5:3-6 presents the foundational character traits out of which the rest of the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, and the Christian life must grow. Namely, the believers absolute need for God and his righteousness alone. “Blessed are the poor in spirit”, “Blessed are those that mourn”, “Blessed are the meek”, and “Blessed are those that hunger

  • The American Dream As A Good Life

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    For decades, the United States has embodied a sense of liberty and hope. Those who come to America have the chance to fulfill their dreams, accumulate material wealth, and live a relatively pleasant life. From the very beginning, the founding fathers claimed that it was our God-given right to pursue happiness and success. Success and happiness are only a few steps away from those who put their heads down and work hard. This idea is commonly known as “the American Dream.” Furthermore, many Christians

  • The Grace That Leads to Death Essay

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    Come and Die: The grace that leads to death Costly versus cheap grace The grace that leads to death Grace that demands a response Bonhoeffer's theological intersection with Wesleyanism Grace is a word that can seem dull and lifeless in the church today due to its overuse and familiarity. Dietrich Bonhoeffer sees grace, costly grace, as the summary of the true Gospel. In Bonhoeffer's day, such costly grace had been exchanged for a cheap imitation of grace that was little more than empty