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  • Server Downtime

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    Case 2.1 Server Downtime As part of the first assignment, research and analysis of the downtime on a client’s primary network servers during the month of April must be done in order to further prepare a presentation to the company’s management. Downtime refers to a period of time that a system fails to provide or perform its primary function. The term is commonly applied to networks and servers. Server downtime, a period of time when the server is unusable, is prevented by close monitoring and

  • Computers Field, Desktop And Server

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    The technology keeps growing and advancing on every single aspect on the computers field, desktop and server cannot be the exception, a very specific case is the system virtualization. The creating of a virtual version of a device or resource makes virtualization a great tool for network engineers and system administrators on the daily managing configuration, testing and creating of systems. As a first look is inarguable the advantages that can come with the virtualization of system environments

  • Windows Server

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    CMIT 369 7981 Installing and Configuring Windows Server Windows Server Proposal Worldwide Advertising Inc. Summary Wordwide Advertising Inc. is a newly established advertising firm will require a server environment to manage a starting staff of 90 employees and various roles required to manage their network. Windows Server 2012 will be installed to manage the following server roles. Exchange to manage company email, Active Directory to manage the domain to include

  • Server Hardware And Software Capabilities

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    Server Hardware The advances being made in enhancing the existing server technologies is aimed to further improve workload performance and efficient use of resources. These developments have seen a phenomenal rise in aspects such as server memory, power management and processing power. Some of the server processors designed to drive networking power into the next level include S2Q, Tilera Processor and Tile 64-Processor. The S2Q with Quanta server comes with a 10,000 cores organized on a rack server

  • Server Controlled Multicast Chat System

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    SERVER CONTROLLED MULTICAST CHAT SYSTEM INTRODUCTION An assumption that is intrinsic to a basic communication involves two parties, the server and the client. Here, our design is based on a chat application which involves one-to-many communication (i.e., with one server and multiple clients, in which the server acts as the central system administrator and has got control over all other clients who wish to join the network. BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE DESIGN: The Multicasting in java can be achieved

  • Installing Windows Server 2012 Machine

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    GOAL The main purpose of this lab is to install and configure services such as Active Directory, DNS and DHCP on the Windows Server 2012 machine. Also the DNS and DHCP services were monitored with the help of a monitoring system like OpsviewAtom and Windows Performance Monitor. The role of DHCP is to make sure that clients (Windows 7) can obtain an IP address whereas that of DNS is to make sure that they can access websites within the domain. The steps regarding AD, DNS and DHCP were a refresher

  • Application For Asynchronous Server Model

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    Parameters considered: 1. Preference for asynchronous server model over synchronous server model. 2. Reduce server load, Load balancing (Splits servers for specific requests) 3. Decrease bandwidth between client and server. 4. Compression techniques. 5. Render static assets through reverse proxy (No need to create another process in system memory for static assets access). 6. Better to use content delivery network for libraries that may be need for frontend interface. 7. Non-blocking and event

  • The Server : Denial Of Service

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    The Server Denial of Service Threat: Denial of Service is the interruption of service on a device that prevents legitimate users from accessing it. A common source of this type of attack is from malicious agents. This is a threat because of the importance of the server to this small investigation business. Since this is where clients upload their evidence, it must always perform at its optimal capability. With this in mind denial of service attacks becomes a great threat, as the opposing party in

  • Daytime Server Case Study

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    run make -f MakeFile clean Explanation: In this program, we created a udp socket and we connect it to a daytime server specified by user on port 13(default) We sent to the server an arbitrary message to trigger a response. The server then responds with a message containing the date and time in an unspecified format

  • Windows Server

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    Windows Server Deployment Proposal Overview Each student will create a detailed, organized, unified technical solution given the scenario described below. The submission will be in a written format, with at least one diagram, and may include additional diagrams, charts or tables. The assignment is meant for students to enhance their mastery of the material and to provide a creative and realistic way in which to apply knowledge from this course.  Scenario Worldwide Advertising, Inc. (referred