Settlers of Catan

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  • I Am Post A Review Today Of A Board Game

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    I love or hate it. My family, including my 8yo and my 7yo, really enjoys playing Settlers of Catan, so when I found out there was a version based on the building of the transcontinental railroad in the United States, my little homeschooling heart just about burst. The game, Catan Histories: Trails to Rails, is around the $50 mark, so I hesitated… a lot. I finally caved over the holidays because… learning and Catan and awesomeness awaited us if I could just fork over the cash. SPECS: The box says

  • Short Speech On Boardgames

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    Hello Everybody!I am Jerry! Hello Everybody!I am Sunny!Today we will talk about boardgames-transformation from old to new. The definition of “ board games ” is what? According to Longman Dictionary,Any of many games, for example chess, in which ( Continue ) small pieces are moved around the board with a pattern on it are called boardgames. Oh, by the way, do you know which one is the oldest board game? The oldest board game is around 3500 BC ( Continue ) And is called Senet. And here is a picture

  • Play, By Marc Leblanc

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    When describing the characteristics of play, Huizinga (1995) pointed out that engaging in the activity of play is not essential, yet engaging in the act of play is a voluntary activity. It is an activity that can start and stop at any time and often carried out during leisure time. He also mentioned that play only gets urgent when the enjoyment of play becomes a need. Thus, playing is enjoyable. Games are compelling because it provides players several uses such as allowing players to pass time,

  • Games : A Possible Means Of Therapy

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    Tabletop games; A Possible Means of Therapy This paper was important for me to research and write because I have several disabling mental health conditions. I see many of the games mentioned later as therapeutic and I find that my mental health becomes more stable after playing tabletop games in a social setting. This is odd as my mental health prevents me from being social in many instants. The importance of mental health and ways to treat them are becoming a concern, and I wanted to find out if