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  • Theory Of The Four Yugas

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    Kristin Hager Professor D.T. Reusser Mythology- HUM 2143 29 April 2017 Theory of the Four Yugas Lasting four million three hundred twenty thousand years, are four ages known as Yugas. The ancients understood time as a circle, not linear.  Each age has distinct themes and spiritual lessons. According to the Hinduism scriptures, all mortal beings are destined to pass through four great epochs in every cycle of creation and destruction. The world has already been through the first three and is currently

  • Essay File

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    Discovery Exercises – Chapter 4 1. How can you create a file called history by using a redirection operator? >history 2. Wait one minute or more and then change the timestamp on the history file you just created. touch history 3. Back up the history file to the file history.bak. history >history.bak 4. Sort the corp_phones1 file by the last four digits of the phone number. sort –n –k3 corp_phones1 5. Create and use a command that displays only the last names and

  • The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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    Everyone faces choices in life on a daily basis. You decide what you want to eat in the morning and if you wear pants or shorts that day. Everything is a choice, however, no one can tell how each path will turn out, so saying the road less taken is the better choice has no evidence and is a useless statement. In his poem “The Road Not Taken,” Robert Frost gives thought about taking the road less traveled and how it has made a difference in his life, however each road is actually equal in taking and

  • Distribution Of Minimum Spanning Trees

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    Distributed Verification of Minimum Spanning Trees Authors: Amos Korman, Shay Kutten Problem Statement: A graph and a tree is given as input in a distributed manner and the algorithm is should be able to verifiy if the tree is a Minimum Spanning Tree (MST). Detailed Explanation of the Problem Statement Definitions Spanning tree: A spanning tree of an undirected graph is a subgraph which is a tree and includes all the vertices of G. Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) : A spanning tree of a graph whose weight

  • Types Of Conflict Spiral And Avoidance Spiral

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    Since conflict is made up of individuals with their own perceptions it only makes sense that there lie different paths that conflict can take. Some of the different paths that are destructive in nature are the “escalatory spiral” (Hocker & Wilmot 29) and “avoidance spiral” (Hocker & Wilmot 32). These spirals are made up of not only speech but physical actions that mean to damage another or seek to lessen the relationship between themselves. It is important to recognize what type of conflict spiral

  • VAX Computer Work Together with VAXclusters

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    VAXclusters is made to be used by using many VAX computers so that all these systems could work together and operate as one unit. Professionals are making new programs so that updated working could be obtained through VAXclusters. Users of VAXclusters are able to have speed for almost 70MB per second which is able to handle nearly 3000 messages in one second. It means that users of VAXclusters are able to have high sending and receiving of messages in this system. Multiprocessors are tightly coupled

  • Records Management System

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    DESIGN BY SIMON MONTEVERDI Records Management System: The purpose of the records management system is for the user to be able to store information in simple plain text files ready for editing manually portable safety. The coding includes multiple functions that are of convenience for the user. The system can be used to keep any records of information as is set out as a user management system. The script begins with the creation of a main function which will become the menu system. The ‘while loop’

  • Cs 315 Lab2

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    CS 315 Lab 02 A. Try to find the proper Linux commands that will answer the following questions. Hint: You can either find the answer from the textbook or from the Internet. *You need to write the procedure that is necessary to accomplish the tasks listed below. Test to see if your answers are correct and type your correct answer under each question. Upload your finished lab document to the dropbox. 1. Use the ls command to list the contents of the root file system directory (/) on

  • Essay On Purple Doll's House

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    Children desire for everything: friends, jewelry, clothes, toys, electronics, and much more; if I were to continue this list it would become infinite. A small girl’s birthday is around the corner so her parents decide what to give her, after a great argument they conclude that they should buy their adored child a purple dollhouse. Along with the dollhouse, the parents bought dolls to occupy the space in the doll’s house. The day of her birthday, she impatiently unpackaged her wrapped present and

  • The Usefulness of YAH Maps

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    the shortest path based on the map .The result of this study shows that the average time for completing task from source to destination for Group A which could use YAH map are less than Group B (Table 4). However, the difference is not too much. Additionally, YAH maps are useful for choosing the path and estimating the time. Based on our results, participants in group A predict the time that they need for completing the task more precisely compare to group B (Table5). Choosing the path to destination