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  • Summary Of ' The Son Of The Duke Leto And Jessica '

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    Betty Velazquez Mrs. Dehorn English 10 May 19, 2017 Summaries Chapter 1-8: The main character, Paul, is the son of the duke Leto and Jessica, the duke’s secretary; Jessica was forbidden to give birth to a son but did so nonetheless for a chance to have her son be a Mentat. A mentat is someone who has similar characteristic as a computer, analytical thinking. The plot is a bit confusing in the beginning but from what is currently known the story takes place in a society where people fear intelligence

  • Frank Herbert's Dune

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    Decay, given enough time, is inevitable. Over the course of history, many nations and empires have undergone the same cycle of growth, stagnation, and eventual factional conflict which reduces their seemingly unending dynasties into piles of rubble. And most of the time, these societies attribute their struggles and times of instability to the actions of one or a few figureheads who misappropriate their power, holding on to their preconceived notions of the inability of their strong and stable central