Shadow play

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  • My Puppet Making Journey

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    decided to go for the shadow puppetry method. What exactly is shadow puppetry (also known as shadow play)? In order for something to be considered as shadow play you only need about three things, namely a source of light, a form (can be a figure or your hand etc.) and a wall/screen/surface to project onto. If you are like me and try to make a dog or an ostrich with your hands every chance you get then you can say you have had experience in shadow puppetry. I decided to use shadow puppetry because I

  • A Picture Of The Shadows

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    A Picture of the Shadows: A Discussion of How Chiaroscuro Illustrates Remembering and Forgetting in In the Skin of a Lion In the novel, In the Skin of a Lion, Michael Ondaatje uses the motif of chiaroscuro, or the relationship between light and shadow, to illustrate the themes of remembering and forgetting. A motif is a narrative element that reoccurs throughout a narrative, an idea that has a symbolic meaning. As described by H. Porter Abbott, it is not abstract but a concrete idea, which moulds

  • Summary Of Nature's Beauty In The Land Of Nod By Robert Louis Stevenson

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    missed out on the beauty of the outside world and unfortunately passed away at the young age of 44. Although his years were brief, he was able to live his dream of becoming a successful novelist, travel writer, and poet. The poems “Romance,” “My Shadow,” and “The Land of Nod” by Robert Louis Stevenson include a variety of figurative language, such as metaphors and symbolism, to convey the theme that nature’s beauty should not be taken for granted. Stevenson utilizes metaphors in his work to elevate

  • Communism : Communism And Capitalism

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    The 20th century was marked by a brutal struggle between two great powers, the United States, and the Soviet Union, but in reality it was a struggle between two, distinct ideologies: Communism and Capitalism. Communism was supposed to be the scepter against all the evils that the old world contained. The people of the world would be freed from the oppressive chains resulting from the few in power, and be lifted from the brutal, unfair world of capitalism. Millions of people across the world saw the

  • Are Helicopter Parents Good Parents?

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    When reading the shadow, the first thought that came to my mind was that this poem seemed pointless and held little or no meaning to it, but when I reexamined the shadow, being more mindful to the details this time, I finally recognized the genius of this piece and my opinion of the shadow drastically changed.but undoubtedly, what made this poem change my perspective to such an extent, was it’s ability to portray our human nature and display them so vividly and unlike any other, I was given a new

  • Clean Well Light Place Essay

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    Well Light Place A Clean Well Lighted Place Earnest Hemmingway Analysis The conversation starts out with the narrator setting up the story and the scene, as most do. An indication is made about the setting in the café with the leaves giving a shadow and hence telling us that the story was taking place on a patio or street of the café. An old man that was deaf and seems to be on hard times, which he was, especially after finding out that he had recently tried to commit suicide. One of the waiters

  • Shadow Reflection

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    The student I chose to follow for a shadow study is a junior girl who has been very open in class about expressing her opinion. The student is in my cooperating teacher’s Basic Geometry class during second block. I picked this particular student because my cooperating teacher told me a story about how last year this student yelled at a substitute teacher while he was absent and walked out of class. Also, I have seen how this student interacts with her peers in my cooperating teacher’s classroom.

  • Reflection Paper

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    Exposition A friend, who I had once argued with beforehand, said to me, “Whatever happens, will happen, in the case, that is just the way life goes.” Even though I felt as if I should thrive by his saying, I could not, not now, and not anymore. It was rainy today, skies were gray, and the atmosphere was foggy. Although I never notice the weather, I did, especially today, as I drive alone to school in the comfort of my warm car. The road was empty, and so, my mind distracted itself towards my

  • What Happened During The Shadow?

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    LEADER SHADOWING HTM480 Yi Liu 2015/02/10 What Happened during the Shadow (who, what, where, when, etc.) While working in Yes!Pingo which is a Chinese restaurant in San Diego, the manager Nemo gave an opportunity to shadow him for a whole day shift with aim of evaluating and observing leadership quite closely. This was a unique chance to experience leadership at firsthand, which to date I remember besides having learnt much. The manager being a high performing staff in the restaurant asked

  • Mise En Scene In Charlie Newton's Shadow Of A Doubt

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    In the 1943 film Shadow of a Doubt, Charlie Newton soon has her world altered as she discovers the dark secrets of her Uncle Charlie’s past. Feeling a special connection with her Uncle, Charlie eagerly wishes to discover more about him at first and innocently becomes involved in hiding his identity as a serial killer. As the film builds up the mystery behind Uncle Charlie and his true intentions, the Mise En Scene creates an environment which explores the Uncle’s darker motivations while also supporting