Shaker Heights

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  • Donovan Jacobs And The Best Lawyers Of All Of Baltimore

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    Donovan Jacobs was the son of Theodore and Amitra Jacobs, the best lawyers in all of Cincinnati. Hell, they were the best lawyers in all of Ohio. They lived in the richest neighbourhood, sent their son to the leading private school, Hathaway Brown School, and made sure his grades were fine enough to get him into Harvard Law easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Donovan was a guy every girl wanted. He was tall, he was athletic, he was easy going, fun, and adventurous. He also had a charming laugh and an olive

  • The American Revolution And The Civil War

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    religious movements during that time period I would love to tell you about, they are, the birth Shakers and the Pleasant Hill Community, the birth of Mormons with Joseph Smith, and the story of “How the American Revolution Agreed to Differ over Religion”. I hope you find these topics as important and interesting as I do. In 1774 Mother Ann Lee founded a utopian society in Europe, later to be known as Shakers (Shaker Presentation). Immediately after her founding she moved to America in order to escape religious

  • Essay on Shaker Communities

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    Shaker Communities During the 1800’s many utopian societies sprouted in the United States. Most of these societies blossomed and faded quite quickly, but one group did not fade away like the others. This society successfully combined their faith with the reasoning of the changing times and kept their communities going strong. They are or known as the Shakers, or more formally as the members of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing. The Shakers were inventors and thinkers

  • Utopian Societies: Brook Farm

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    marriage. These utopian societies were the Shakers, the Oneida community, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormons. These three groups were all inspired by radical Christian notions of “human perfectibility”, but other experiments existed that based their lifestyles off of more secular ideas. The most famous of these secular experiments was Brook Farm, founded in Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1841. The Shakers represented one end of the spectrum for these

  • Utopian Societies Impact

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    Utopian communities have had an incredible impact on both American society and various recognized religious sects throughout the United States as a whole. Many people saw, and still see, democratic government as unfair, leaving the poor behind to become poorer while the rich continued to get richer; they felt a change in work and fairness was officially in order. Utopian societies were created with commendable intentions, and their idea of the perfect cooperative society is an attractive conference

  • America 's Communal Utopias By Ann Lee

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    different ways to find their own success. Two societies in particular, that struck me in their techniques to survive were, the Shakers and the Mormons. Both of these religious groups today are still successful. Both groups used methods of economics, gender roles, and their relationship to the outside world to find their own success in the religious community. The shakers arose in the 17th century making them one of the earliest religious groups or sects today. They came to America with only nine

  • An Age Of Reform Swept

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    An age of reform swept through our nation due to the unfairness that was happening in our country. Many people fought for change for themselves and for others that involved problems like alcohol and humane treatment for the insane. The radicals did their best for what they thought was right and changed our country for the better. There were costs and benefits to many movements, groups, and radical individuals who sought change between 1840 and 1877. They created conflict, chaos, and changes that

  • Social Movement Research Paper

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    In the late 1960’s the right to vote, freedom of speech, fair and equal treatment movement happened in America, blacks were being discriminated and separated because of their race and religion. The “Sexual Revolution” social movement was also going on, that strained traditional codes of behavior related to sexuality and between people’s relationships. Women were fighting for their rights and state where all things are equal. When Richard Nixon the president of the Unite States bombed Vietnam all

  • My Observation Of Outback Steak House

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    This is a very creative game, using salt and pepper shakers in a way similar to the game pieces in the board game Sorry. Using the salt and pepper shakers was a novel solution to dealing with the boredom that comes with waiting for dessert, however, my sisters had to use convergent thinking in order to figure out the most effective way to use these shakers in order to maximize the amount of fun they could get from those salt and pepper shakers. This is when their hypothetico-deductive reasoning came

  • Acrophobia: Fear and Heights

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    Acrophobia is an irrational fear of heights or high places. Many people dislike heights, but someone with a clinical case of acrophobia can have intense emotional and physical responses at just the thought of being in a high place. Acrophobia is simply a severe fear of heights. Now being afraid of heights is a common and sometimes appropriate feeling. But the phobia part kicks in when you feel afraid in a safe environment such as inside a skyscraper. Acrophobia is treated with graded exposure therapy