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  • Racism: Two Short Stories

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    Presentation Essay (IOP) Comparing First and Third Person Narratives: Racism Note: This essay intends to explain the differences in first and third person narratives, highlighting examples within the two stories “Let them call it Jazz” and “A sense of shame”, both of which deal with racism and its subcultures in a first and third person perspective, respectively. The arguments presented are limited to that of first and third person perspectives only. The differences between first and third person

  • The Positive Effect Of Guilt Essay

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    The Positive Effect of Guilt in Leadership In Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears the Crown: The Link Between Guilt Proneness and Leadership (2012), Dr. Rebecca Schaumberg and Dr. Francis Flynn of Stanford University argue that guilt-proneness is necessary for effective leadership. Applying the trait theory of leadership, their initial motivation was to identify, as many other researchers have, some of the specific characteristics necessary for good leadership. They noted that while positive affectivity

  • The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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    Hester and Dimmesdale’s respective character developments are highlighted and emphasized by the three scaffold scenes in the novel. The central character of the novel, Hester Prynne, undergoes a significant change in character, mainly due to the shame stemming from being forced to bare the scarlet letter. During the first scaffold scene in which she is undergoing trial, Hester is described as: “lady-like . . . characterized by a certain state of dignity . . . her beauty shone out, and made a halo

  • Essay on The Iliad of Homer and Greek Heroes

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    The warrior who was most feared was the warrior that got the most respect and admirations from the generations that would follow. The poem is after all about Achilleus, a great warrior that fought hard and attained much glory in doing so. The shame that one would feel from avoiding battle is evident in many cases throughout the poem. When Hektor is

  • Who Wears The Crown : The Link Between Guilt Proneness And Leadership

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    individuals are likely to be perceived as having greater leadership ability, assessed 243 listserv-recruited participants’ reactions to the scores of others on the Test of Self-Consciousness Affect (TOSCA-3). The scores were simulated to display different shame or guilt-prone

  • Short Story 'The Water That Falls On You From Nowhere'

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    water that falls on you from Nowhere”, Matt is the paragon of a nonconformist, and his sister is one that pressures him. Humanity creates expectations due to popular belief which prevent those who deviate from “the norm” to carry around a sense of shame. Shown through symbolism of the child Matt is expected to have, Matt’s sister, and freezing cold distilled water insight is given to negative aspects of how society conforms to social pressures. Society’s voice plays a role in the child that Matt

  • Observation Of Toddlers

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    Toddlers begin to learn autonomy, shame, and doubt as they develop and continue to explore their independence within their surroundings. For my observations, I watched toddlers for two hours and got to witness many tantrums as they began to have curiosity over how they can do things for themselves. These children were around two years old and most of them had a problem at some point, whether it was screaming and crying, or not listening to their teachers. This issue is important to examine because

  • Analysis Of Alessandro Baricco An Iliad And Trojan Women

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    attack Hector despite endangering the lives of himself and his people. Furthermore, in Trojan Women, the women of Troy feel that their self image is solely determined by their prestige, and this leads them to behave irrationally when faced with the shame of losing the war. After losing the war, the Trojan men and boys are killed, while the women and girls are taken as slaves by the Greeks. After learning the fates of herself and her daughters, Hecuba collapses in sorrow. As she lies upon the ground

  • Essay about Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain

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    should be" (Warner 1). According to Warner, the logical process that follows such a regulation ensures a certain shame attaches to any "taste" that is not "universally shared." That this one "taste" "should be" shared implies that it is not universal. The “taste” that must be converted in order to achieve a “universal” desire is, then, naturally marked with a stigmatized

  • Overview: The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

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    that they could be shot or blown up at anytime. O’Brien displays different stories about fear multiple times throughout the book, but he focuses on the fear of shame specifically. This was a powerful motivating factor throughout the war because a lot of them did not want to be portrayed as weak or cowardly. O’Brien displays the fear of shame in “On a Rainy River” when he first receives his draft letter. He sees himself facing to options, go to a war that he does not believe in or flee the country to