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    In Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at Night, nature is as interwoven into the narrative as the characters themselves, and the character in whom nature comes alive most fervidly is the town's alleged mad woman, Mala Ramchandin. This “madness” originates from Mala’s childhood, when her mother leaves her and her father begins sexually, physically, and mentally abusing her, and this “craziness” continues after Mala supposedly kills her sadistic father. As a result, Mala's hearsay-loving, scandal-inducing

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    Main (Maha) and Sub (Antar or Bukti) periods. Knowing a particular planetary Dasha helps us determine the quality of the time concerned, vis-a-vis the influence of the major transits of planets during that Dasha-period. Currently you are subject to Shani (Saturn) Maha Dasa which began on June 2004 and goes on until June 2023. Prior to this, you were subject to Jupiter or Guru Maha Dasa for 16years from June 1988 until June 2004. The 16 years of Guru Dasa would have provided you with marriage, gains

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    Bodies Without Sex” deals with sexuality as a form of citizenship and the way in which that perception of women leads to unfortunate normalities when looking at how sexual violence is perceived through the law and through society. On the other hand, Shani Mootoo’s “Cereus Blooms at Night” translates these perceptions into a fictional story that shows sexual violence in the forefront of the plot. In doing so, the reader emotionally visualizes the harm of the act and the mobility of those who surround

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    The irony of the fact that he was doing such dangerous and masculine activities with a man who was secretly his lover perfectly exemplifies the complex nature of the book as a whole. Additionally, the imagery of the jungle is important. The jungle, where the men would go to be together represented the wild and carnal undeveloped human needs, and also their primal sexual desires. While they were hunting in the novel, the use of imagery made it represent much more than that. The jungle also becomes

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    The non-fiction book with 26 different stories: Beyond Belief and fiction: He Drown She in the Sea are two captivating books with characters who are lost and confused in life, one depending on their religion and another on their love life. Shani Mootoo and Kami Ostman both writing about characters being discriminated for who they are and what they want to be. True love for women in extreme religions in Beyond Belief and true love for one another in He Drown She in the Sea. Although Beyond Belief

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    they rarely come by themselves. Most of the works that we have studied included many themes interwoven together to give the novels a real world feel—because in the real world, issues of gender, race, sexuality, poverty, etc rarely are isolated.In Shani Mootoo’s Novel Valmiki’s Daughter we looked at themes of race, sexuality/ LGBT issues, and national cultures to name a few. The intersectionality of these themes is what makes her novel rich with depth and value, and is what I will analyze in this

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