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  • Essay on Sharon Olds' The Possessive

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    youthful façades? Do they turn on their mothers? In Sharon Olds’ poem, “The Possessive,” the reader is finally introduced to the female version of the popular coming-of-age theme as a simple

  • Analysis Of ' My Son The Man ' By Sharon Olds

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    Accepting Independence Poetry is like a song without music, it has the ability to awaken your emotions and the ability to tell stories that can paint beautiful, relatable, imagery in the viewer’s mind. Upon reading the poem, “My Son the Man” by Sharon Olds, she presents a unique view on her bittersweet experience of watching her son gravitate towards manhood, “Suddenly his shoulders get a lot wider” (line1), while realizing he is astute enough to escape his mother’s strong hold, “to learn the way

  • The Poetry Of Sharon Olds

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    Author Background: Sharon Olds was born on November 19, 1942 and raised in Berkeley, California to a strict, religious family. Her father was abusive and her mother was not protective; so much of her early life became characterized by extreme restrictions. After earning her BA from Stanford and her Ph.D from Columbia, she began writing poetry free of traditional conventions. Thus, she was able to develop her own poetry style and explored personal topics from family life to more taboo subjects such

  • Analysis of the Poem, 35/10, by Sharon Olds Essay example

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    In the poem, “35/10” by Sharon Olds, the speaker uses wistful and jealous tones to convey her feeling about her daughter’s coming of age. The speaker, a thirty-five year old woman, realizes that as the door to womanhood is opening for her ten year old daughter, it is starting to close for her. A wistful tone is used when the speaker calls herself, “the silver-haired servant” (4) behind her daughter, indicating that she wishes she was not the servant, but the served. Referring to herself as her

  • Sharon Old Woman

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    Sharon Olds writes extensively on family and relationships, addressing the many roles of the woman: mother, daughter, and lover – roles and experiences that she addresses candidly in a relatable and near-confessional manner through defamiliarization, candid description, and imagery. Readers take these simple examples to heart, visualizing and understanding each scenario Olds describes, ultimately able to relate. Assuming the narrator of the poems included in Part III of her 1983 collection of poems

  • On The Subway Sharon Olds

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    In the poem"On the Subway", Sharon Olds uses Caucasians and African-Americans. The Olds uses symbolism and tone, as imagery devices. Olds uses imagery in the first part of the poem by inhansing the differences between the one that is riding the subway, which is a white woman, and an African-American. The poet says how the man's shoes are "laced with white". Olds does this to show reality revolves around whites. Also, she says how the "intentional scars" are left over by the treatment whites bunch

  • The Victims by Sharon Olds

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    In “The Victims” by Sharon Olds it describes a divorce through the eyes of the parents’ children. The first section is shown through past tense as the speaker is a child and the last section is shown in present tense with the speaker already being an adult trying to make sense of past events. The word “it” in the first two lines carries a tremendous weight, hinting at the ever so present abuse and mistreatment, but remaining non-specific. The first part generates a negative tone toward the father

  • Analysis Of ' My Papa 's Waltz ' By Theodore Roethke

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    discuss the archetype of an actual father figure in poetry and the usual uses of one in two different poems from two different authors. The first poem we will venture into is “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke, the other is “The Victims” by Sharon Olds. Each describe a father figure and the relationship between the narrator and his father which is in turmoil. We’ll explore in some lengthy detail about the archetype of a bad father and the narrator’s take on them. Starting with “My Papa Waltz”

  • Analysis Of Human Family By Maya Angelou

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    Human Family by Maya Angelou Juxtaposition: When two topics that are brought up together, contrast to bring out the differences in them Example: “I note the obvious differences in the human family… But we are more alike than we are unalike” Human Family, Maya Angelou, 1-2 and 35-36. Function: The speaker points out all the ways that, as humans, we are different. The way we act, the way we look, the ways we are amused, etc. They talk of how they once traveled the world and saw all the differences

  • Post Modernism And Its Influence On Society

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    feeling a backlash from what everyone else thought. Two female writers who were able to freely express themselves in their writing during post-modernism were Linda Pastan and Sharon Olds. Linda Pastan talked more about her life in general like every day anxieties, her marriage, parenting, and even grief. However, Sharon Olds was a little more controversial in her writing since she often talked about sexuality and violence. Their writing styles were similar in the aspect that they both enjoyed writing