Sheenagh Pugh

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  • Tough Pugh

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    Sheenagh Pugh is a British poet who published a poem called “Sometimes”; this poem was originally dedicated to a sportsman recovering from a cocaine addiction. Moreover, I chose this poem because it had an interesting backstory; Pugh has stated that she does not like this poem because it is often misinterpreted. The message of this poem was supposed to express hope that the sportsman might get over his addiction, the message that is said is that things do go right sometimes but later in the poem

  • duffy and pugh

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    In Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, ‘education for leisure’ and Sheenagh Pugh’s, ‘she was nineteen and she was bored’, both poets look on modern society in a negative way. Both poems look at the themes of suffering and unhappiness when cast out from society.which are two states that are inextricably linkable. Unhappiness can come as a result of suffering, or the need to make others suffer can come from pure unhappiness. Duffy and Pugh both make these distinctions in their work, and are able to engage the

  • Duffy and Pugh: Social Attitudes in Their Poems Essay

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    What connections have you found between the ways Duffy and Pugh present social attitudes in their poems? Plan Intro: Duffy and Pugh present social attitudes in different ways... Duffy empowers women, Pugh has negative views on aging. Core Poem 1: standing female nude is about a woman who works for a poor wage for something which is out of her comfort zone… hello is about aging and how you get forgotten about. Isolation, powerless. Core Poem 2: Mrs midas is about the consequences of midas's actions

  • Poetry

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    | |Spend about 1 hour on this section. Think carefully about the poems before you write your answer. | |In the first of the following poems, ‘The Railway Modeller’, the narrator (Pugh) describes a man (her husband) and his hobby. In the second, ‘The Railway | |Clerk’, a man expresses his feelings about his life and work.