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  • Scholarly Issues Paper : Shift Work

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    Issues Paper: Shift Work University of Delaware Introduction In recent years, there has been a distinct change in the shift-work of nurses working in the hospital setting. Typically a twenty-four hour day had been broken up into three shifts: a morning (0700-1500), evening (1500-2300), and night (2300-0700) shift. Those working these shifts generally worked four to five days per week. In the more recent trends, longer shifts, typically twelve hours, paired with fewer days of work per week have

  • Health And Marriage Concerns Associated With Shift Work

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    Health and Marriage Concerns Associated With Shift Work Maintaining good health and a wonderful marriage can be one of the toughest balancing acts an individual will have to deal with in their lives. Performing some type of shift work may play a huge role in the outcome and duration of a person’s life. There are many careers in a twenty-four hour economy that consist of working shifts other than the normal eight to five work day. For instance, careers in the medical profession, public safety profession

  • The Negative Impacts of Shift Work on Nurses Essay

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    changes has been the assimilation of shift work systems and the flexibility in work schedules. The need for 24 hour care makes the healthcare professions to work with different shift systems such as 12 h, 8 h, 9 h or 10 hour shifts. However, the common shift work systems divide a 24-h day in two (12-h) or three (8-h) shifts. Nonetheless, this requires the staff to be adapted with the various forms of shift work schedules. The negative impacts of shift work on workers’ health such as fatigue and

  • Effective Knowledge Sharing Process And Procedure For Train And Prepare The New Work Shifts

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    purpose is to identify the enablers of the effective knowledge sharing with constraints of different work shifts. In the organization, face to face interaction was difficult to share the tacit knowledge with people working in 2 different shifts (11:30 AM to 8:00 & 10:30 PM to 6:00 AM). This case study is focused on knowledge sharing process and procedure to train and prepare the new work force to work individually. Hays Business Solutions is the subsidiary of the Hays Inc which primarily deals with

  • Relationship Between Current Shift Work And Work Related Stress Symptoms Among Healthcare Workers From A Clinical Setting

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    BACKGROUND: shift work is a very common characteristic in healthcare and has been associated with work-related stress. OBJECTIVE: In this study, we investigated the relationship between current shift work and work-related stress symptoms among healthcare workers from a clinical setting in Medellin, Colombia. METHODS: a cross-sectional study was conducted from January to July 2014, Participants completed demographic, occupational and lifestyle questionnaire, and a self-reported work-related stress

  • The Challenges Of Shift Work

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    The Challenges of Shift Work Over 20% of the workforce in the United States participates in shift work (Basner, 2005 as cited in Blachowicz & Letizia, 2006). Many occupations partake in shift work those include: nurses, policemen, and security guards a few of the occupations. What is shift work? Shift work is work performed outside the typical daytime hours of 7 a.m. to 6 a.m. (Blachowicz & Letizia, 2006). The increase in pay is one of the numerous benefits for shift work employees. Nevertheless

  • Nurses' Work Hours

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    Nurses’ Work Hours I have been a staff nurse in the emergency room for fourteen years. I have worked a variety of 8, 10, 12, and even 16 hour shifts. I currently am working 8 and 12-hour shifts on nights. Previously, I also worked some 12-hour day shifts. I personally have been struggling with working the 12-hour shifts. My commute to work is 1 hour one way and I have fallen asleep several times driving home from work. The last four hours of my shift I experience great

  • Career Aspects Of Nursing : Career Challenges In Nursing

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    be a nurse is the rumors of long shifts. The rumors are actually true. “Logbooks completed by 393 hospital staff nurses revealed that participants usually worked longer than scheduled and that approximately 40 percent of the 5,317 work shifts they logged exceeded twelve hours.” (Rogers) These long hours are dangerous not only to the nurses but to the quality or their service and patience experience. Nurses are at a higher chance of error and burnout when they work more than 40 hours week . Nurse shortages

  • Hca 270 Managing Staff

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    manager job description is to manage all or part of a healthcare facility (Healthcare Manager Job Description, 2010). A health care manager’s role will vary depending on type and size of the facility they work in. A health care manager in a large hospital may oversee one department but work with several health care managers to ensure that the hospital runs smoothly and evidently. But at a smaller facility a health care manager may oversee the entire facility. The role of health care managers

  • Fatigue Contributed And A Serious Medication Error

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    “Fatigue contributed to a serious medication error in Wisconsin. After working a 16-hour shift, a labor/delivery nurse came in the next morning to work another shift. Because she’d had only a few hours off between shifts, she’d arranged to sleep at the hospital. Late in the morning of the second day, she admitted a young patient. The physician had ordered an antibiotic to be given right away. The nurse picked up what she thought was the antibiotic and hung it without scanning the patient or the medication