Shipwrecks in the Atlantic Ocean

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  • The New Frontier For Our Modernized World

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    for shipbuilding companies around Europe, was the crossing of the great Atlantic Ocean. These competitions would rowel up the people of Europe, giving them more reason to believe that mankind can perform anything. The Atlantic voyages, were the space race of the 1800’s, each company tried to make the biggest ship, and the fastest ship, to make it across the Atlantic in record time. However, even in this golden age of Atlantic travel, many problems slowly brewed across Europe. Even in the races, captains

  • History Of The Portland Head Light Lighthouse

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    is the perfect, picturesque town. The million dollar houses are immaculate, the ocean views are stunning, and if that’s not enough, the Portland Head Light Lighthouse provides it with just the right amount of tourist appeal. The Portland Head Light is the oldest lighthouse in Maine and has been guiding traffic into Portland Harbor for more than two-hundred years. The idea for the lighthouse came about after a shipwreck in 1787, but wasn’t completed until after the First Congress passed the Lighthouse

  • The Titanic : The Causes And Impacts Of The Titanic

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    Titanic’s bunkers. The stokers of the fire were ordered to control the fire at sea to make sure that it wasn't a problem. A theory is that the fire from the coal became uncontrollable and that made the Titanic attempt a full speed crossing across the Atlantic Ocean. The theory also says that this was what led

  • Nova Scotia Vacation Guide

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    smallest province of Canada, which sits along its east coast. The province's mainland, which includes numerous bays and estuaries. is a peninsula, which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with Cape Breton Island and Sable Island to the northwest of the mainland. It is for this reason, that this province is often called "the ocean playground." If you're a nature lover, you'll certainly find Nova Scotia a wonderful place to explore. Moose, deer, porcupine and black bear inhabit most of the mainland

  • Why Do Strange Occurrences Have Occurred?

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    For centuries, various planes, ships, and people have been lost without an explanation in a notorious area known as the Bermuda Triangle. Many theories and explanations have been created to explain why strange occurrences have occurred in the past and present. With so much mystery, I have always wondered what is causing so many strange cases in that one particular area; are aliens behind all of this? Is it human error? Or maybe it’s the strange weather? As humans, curiosity drives us to find answers

  • Devil's Triangle

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    Triangle, or Devil’s Triangle, covers about 500,000 square miles of ocean off the southeastern tip of Florida. When Christopher Columbus sailed through the area on his first voyage to the New World, he reported that a great flame of fire crashed into the sea one night and that a strange light appeared in the distance a few weeks later. William Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest,” which some scholars claim was based on a real-life Bermuda shipwreck, may have enhanced the area’s aura of mystery. A pattern allegedly

  • Nova Scotia's Maritime History

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    Canada’s east coast is a place of contrasts, with it modern skyscrapers and small, rustic homes. Traditionally a gateway to the Atlantic Ocean, the Maritime region has a far more European feel than the western provinces, with old-style houses and fishing wharfs mixed in with modern architecture and traffic. Nova Scotia’s history Histories of Nova Scotia tell a long, exciting tale, sprinkled with famous people and amazing events. Alexander Graham Bell is only one of the people celebrated there, with

  • Liki Vacation In Orlando

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    Liki Tiki Village is a tropical themed resort in Orlando, Florida that is itself a vacation destination. You are just minutes away from the famous Disney, SeaWorld and Universal theme parks, and there is plenty to do right in the resort. It has water slides, a wave pool, mini golf, and a full agenda from Monday through Friday of fun things to do for children. There is an air-conditioned fitness center, lap pool and hot tubs. When you buy an Orlando timeshare, you have a private vacation home with

  • Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle Essay example

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    The Bermuda Triangle is formed by three land points in the Atlantic Ocean where there is an abundant amount of mystery shipwrecks, crashed planes, and missing people. No one is quite sure to why aircraft and people go missing in this area. So first, where is the mysterious Bermuda Triangle exactly at? This is believed to be the area between Miami, Florida, Bermuda Island, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. For many years, the Atlantic Ocean has captured the minds of many humans with the Bermuda Triangle

  • The Transatlantic Slave Experience By Olaudah Equiano

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    The Atlantic Slave trade was one of the most prominent, profiting and vile displays of human enslavement in history. The organised brutality of the African populace, co-ordinated and capitalised by Europe, Northern and Southern British Colonies in America and West Indies is recorded to have profited a staggering amount and further solidified Europe’s growing domination as the ‘New World’. The reason as to why Europe and other countries could capture and exploit African slaves was the obvious difference