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    MARKETING MANAGEMENT SHOPPING MALL 1 MARKETING PROJECT ON SHOPPING MALL NAME: MRINMOY CHAUDHURY ENROLMENT NO: 011102003 PROGRAM: PGDIB 02 Term : 6 2 Contents 1. Introduction Pg. no. 4 What is a shopping mall? ................................................. Advantage and disadvantage Brief history Type of shopping malls Components 2. Objective……………………………………….. 9 What are the key factors which is making shopping mall hugely successful? Effect of shopping malls on the small retailers

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    INTRODUCTION A shopping mall is a building or group of buildings that contains stores. The stores are connected by walkways so that consumers can easily walk between the stores. Malls can be built in an enclosed or open-air format. These malls have brought a new revolution in the world of shopping. Nowadays shopping is no longer limited to buying stuff that you require but now it has extended its sense to have lip smacking food along with enjoyment, fun, refreshment and entertainment. In malls all these

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    this study. The literature review cover the shopping behaviour, shopping value, consumer’s decision making styles, perceived shopping mall image, shopping mall brand loyalty and consumer segmentation. The conceptual framework of this study will be explained in the end of this chapter. 2.1 Shopping behaviour This section is attempts to provide an explanation on consumer shopping behaviour by review the previous study on the previous literature. Shopping is one of the distinct activities of consumer

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    Shopping centres have various effects on the environment as well as the social environment such as the sphere of influence, land use changes and land values and have positive and negative effect on the environment as well on the people. According to Eser Hangul shopping centres are the part of large places which are stored of goods and service together. In the big cities, shopping malls are indicated in the economic internal growth of country. The shopping mall is the place of competitive trades

  • The Symbols Of Shopping Malls

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    “The shopping mall is the public marketplace of the wealthy industrialized societies. Malls are expensive to build and operate, and typically several gigantic chain department stores act as “anchors” for the mall. These department stores are connected by climate-controlled passageways lined with smaller stores offering everything from ice cream to speciality clothing to movie theaters.” (Plattner 1989, 173) This definition clearly indicates that mall is associated with wealthy, developed and industrialized

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    stores, sales promotions, ambience of shopping malls, and comparative economic gains in the malls gather the attention of higher customer traffic to the malls. The urban shoppers visit shopping malls as a leisure center to relax, tend to shop in response to various promotions and spend long hours. The major factors that affect shopping stimulation among urban shoppers are store ambience and attractiveness relating to products and services, location of the mall, brand value and price and recreational

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    1. One of the themes of this chapter is that shopping at an outlet mall is work, not leisure. What is meant by this? 1. Chapter 4 suggests that shopping at an outlet mall is work, rather than leisure, in several ways. First, Shell mentions that outlet malls are located well outside population centers. This causes would be shoppers to drive sometimes an hour or more to shop at an outlet mall. She mentions that “visiting the outlets demands an investment in time, deliberation, and energy beyond

  • Shopping Mall as a Leisure Destnation

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    SHOPPING MALL AS A LEISURE DESTINATION SUFIAN HAMAT SCHOOL OF HOUSING, BUILDING AND PLANNING UNIVERSITI SAINS MALAYSIA, PENANG SUPERVISOR: DR. NURWATI BADARUZZAMAN ASSOC. PROF. DR ABDUL GHAFAR e-mail: Shopping mall has become part of a ‘way of life’. The place is a destination frequented by many levels and age groups of people during leisure time and weekends. The intentions of going to the mall now are no longer confined to shopping

  • Shopping Malls Are Becoming Extinct

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    wonder what your favorite mall will look like if it was replaced by an empty lot? How would you feel? Approximately 60 years ago when shopping malls were first built, it was expected to be “the gleaming symbols of America’s future.” Shopping malls were created to lure customers from the city into the suburbs; thus allowing shopping be done under one roof. However, according to recent studies conducted by Green Street Advisors, 10 percent of the nation’s 1,000 enclosed malls will fail by 2022. Although

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    6. Describe a shopping mall that you like • Where is the mall located? • What can you find there? • What type of clients visit this mall? I like one of malls that are located on the suburbs of my city. It’s large and newly built. It has 3 floors and a big underground parking. On the first and second floor you can find shops and boutiques of all world most famous brands. Various goods are offered: clothes, shoes, beauty products, furniture. There is also a hairdresser and a beauty salon. On the