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  • Should Advertisements Tageting Children Be Banned?

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    advertisements tageting children should be banned.They influence kids to spend too much money on useless products. They also teach kids bad life values.Ads targeting children teach kids to buy things based on how packaging, rather than on benifits of the product.Advertisement aimed towards children is wrong and results in bad decisions. Advertisements that target children influence kids to spend to much money on useless products that they may not use. Most advertisements towards children are toys that

  • Should Children Forced To Be A Soldier?

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    sad truth is, this is the world we live in. A world where children are becoming soldiers. Children in Somalia and many other countries are being forced into being a soldier. Not only forced , but being drugged, threatened, and brainwashed. These kids are not kids anymore. They are forcefully being recruited as weapons. Some parents are selling their children to get money. There are some that volunteer, but more are being forced. Children ages 8-15 are acting as soldiers. Not comprehending what they

  • The Government Should Limit Advertising Aimed At Children

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    The Government Should Limit Advertising Aimed at Children The government should exercise more control and limits on advertising that is aimed at children. Children are the leaders of the future and the children watch on average two or more hours of television a day. These are children’s most formative years. When children form ideas that prove to be substance of how they will think as adults. There are several reasons why advertising aimed at young children should be banned. Advertisers and

  • Child Prostitution Should Not Be Punished For Their Children

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    child prostitution run through your mind? No? How about having your rights and innocence completely stripped away from you? About ten million children are involved in prostitution worldwide (B.Willis, 2002), with India consisting of one million child prostitutes; forty percent the country’s total prostitution population (CNN, 2009). In most cases, children are kidnapped and forced into prostitution or take part in what is known as “survival sex” to provide basic needs for their family. But what

  • Explain Why Companies Should Not Be Allowed To Market To Children

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    powerful force in the lives of children growing up today than ever before. Today, in society, companies market products to children, especially through television commercials shown with children’s programming. These commercials are designed to appeal to children, and these advertisements prompt products like toys and snacks. Others may say that companies should be approved to market to children; however, companies should not be allowed to market to children. Firstly, children are susceptible to being exploited

  • Explain Why Children Should Have A Role In Medical Decision Making

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    Why Children Should Have a Role in Decision-Making Every child and young person should have role in medical decision-making in issues of health care. We are talking about someone’s body regardless of the fact that body belongs to a child. UNCRC established the importance of child’s right to be heard. Under the South African Constitution a child is able to request contraception’s which came into force in 2007. In custody cases the ‘welfare principle’ plays a vital role putting the child as the

  • Children Should Be Safe For Children

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    Statistics notices the U.S.A children about 7.5 percent between 6 and 17 years old to take medication for their disease.1 Also, these kids can take many drugs; it can be reduce their pain at this moment. However, their parents can see these symptoms after overmedicated with their children so that these medications need to be safe for the children. Parents need to ensure the correct dose to avoid memory loss of children. Besides, the parents need to consider the overmedicated children when they take care of

  • Children Should Be Mandatory For Children

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    a trail of unvaccinated children. This trail eventually lead to a nationwide outbreak of the measles virus. This is the worst outbreak the US has seen since 1994. Even though Wakefield’s publication has been discredited, there are still parents that choose not to protect their children because of his study. These children not being vaccinated is hurting our nation by lowering our herd immunity. It should be mandatory for children to receive vaccines. Children should be vaccinated because the

  • Should Children Be Mandatory For Children?

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    school-aged children to have some of these vaccinations as they build their body’s immune response. Although the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) does not set immunization requirements for schools or child care centers, each state decides which

  • Should Children Watching Television On Children And Children?

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    In the recent years, "should children watch television? " has become even more of a hot topic. Television is beneficial or damaging to the overall person? Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to this question. Some people argue that children can learn valuable lessons from television, while others posit that television can damage children and influence them in negative ways. Everyone has different opinions than other people. So, it is depends on how people look at it and control it. With