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  • Why U Shouldnt Use Drugs

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    Why you shouldn’t use drugs Drug use is a growing rapidly in the United States, especially among teens and even younger kids. whether its marijuana, cocaine, or anything else considered illegal. The misuse of drugs can lead to negative consequences in ones life. There are many in depth reasons for not leading a path of illegal drug abuse. The first major reason being your physical health. Inhaling drugs like marijuana clearly is dangerous. If done enough, it

  • Why Schools ShouldnT Have Homework

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    The American School System Shouldn’t Have Homework Schools in America shouldn’t have homework. It has been proven to not help with test scores or school work, but what it does help with, is lowering students’ health. I believe that schools should assign little or no homework, It does little to help and more to hurt the students. For instance, most students don’t have computers and are financially unable to get one. This is unfair and can cause the student to be behind on their schoolwork.

  • Balls ShouldnT Upset Me Essay

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    Balls shouldn't upset you. After I finish my task, I might start playing sports. San-Tan crosses over toward the side, weeps. James follows. JAMES (CONTD) I didn't mean to make things worse but why are you so unsettled? SAN-TAN It isn't your fault, it just that — he also used two loops. JAMES (eyes crinkle) Two loops, I don't understand, why would he use them anyway? SAN-TAN (hyperventilate) They were coming from the ceiling. JAMES My dad once told me to cup my hands over my nose, it might

  • Persuasive Speech On Why You ShouldnT Smoke Longer?

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    Hi I’m Brody Wilcox and I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t smoke anymore but, if you continue to do it there’s no saving you. Let’s start off with the symptoms: It can give you chest pain, shortness of breath, persistent cough, coughing up blood, frequent colds and upper respiratory infections, persistent hoarseness, difficulty on pain or swallowing, change in exercise capacity, sudden weakness on one side of the face or body; or difficulty speaking, leg pain when walking and goes away when

  • Reasons Why Students ShouldnT Pay For School Lunch

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    Students shouldn’t have to pay for school lunch. Image a student trying to get lunch, but can’t because they don’t have enough money or they owe dept. The lunch lady will then throw away their lunch and provide something not appetizing. If the lunch lady gives them free lunch, the school fires the lunch lady. In New Mexico, they recently banned schools from “lunch shaming.” Lunch shaming is where students are classified for not having enough money to eat lunch. They banned it because they saw how

  • Essay On I ShouldnT Have Pretended To Be The Female Lead

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    I Shouldn't Have Pretended to be the Female Lead “Ah, it’s really true, isn’t it.” The signal bar on the phone screen displayed a clear red X. No wifi and no data either. A vast spread of rolling hills lay before me, a dirt path trailing down and leading to a peasant town. There were a lot of trees and forests. It looked like a promotional advertisement for a European getaway. However, there were very clearly some floating islands here and there, and some giant monsters flying around, and I think

  • Why ShouldnT Tommy And Jim Have Sex John Corvino Analysis

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    John Corvino's article “Why Shouldn’t Tommy and Jim Have Sex?” (Shafer-Landau 209-222) is the material I have chosen to review for my final analysis paper. Homosexuality has been something that has plagued my generation with confusion and doubt. I grew up at the tail end of the AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) epidemic and can remember when major news networks were blaming homosexuals for the rapid spread of this particular disease. I have also seen the passing of many pro-gay rights acts

  • Should Girls Be Allowed In Sports Research Paper

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    ). Girls should stay off boys teams to help school funding. If all the girls that are good sports players and could play on boys sports teams and the school cuts girls, the girls will not go to college( ). If the girls don’t go to college, there would be a lot fewer people going to college, so the colleges wouldn’t be able to give scholarships for those who need them to attend college. The girls

  • Pro Breastfeeding Research Paper

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    When you just have a child and have the experience of them feeding on your breast, the connection that happends between a mother and child its so amazing. In my textbook called Lifespan Development 7th edition it says that breast fed babies are nutritionally superior, they have more rapid weight gain, and most children get early health benefits from their mothers breast milk. Breastfeeding should not be discriminated against in public because the female nipple should not be sexualized, it is illegal

  • Dress Code Essay: What Is Dress Code?

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    So what im going to talk about is dress code because i dont think we should have it them not letting us wear pants with holes or taketop or shorts is litally the dumbest thing to me cuz pants with holes are cute and if its hot we dont want to wear pants we want to wear taketop with shorts and them saying that its a distraction to boys make me really mad because are legs are under the table so they cant even see them and i have no clue how are arm are a distraction because we all have arms and if