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  • Stereotypes Of The Media

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    The media has a huge influence on young people today it is a huge influence because it is about the stereotypes that they are using and how the use it. They use it to make you think that teens are always bad and doing bad things like partying getting drunk doing drugs etc in this essay I will be writing about the 2 stereo types the first one is going to be the plastics and the other one is jock from glee. Stereotypes are used in films to help change the media and make them think about others differently

  • A Summary Of The Blame Game

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    the house’s dirty taking out Frank, who was not coming for him. He later turned on Da’Vonne who was one of his most loyal allies by exposing her to Paulie and ratting out her plan to target the showmances. The following week James decided to strike at Paulie by cancelling Corey’s vote and sending his showmance partner Zakiyah home. It’s a big move, but the problem is that James was cornered into this move by Paulie’s personal attacks on Natalie and Bridgette, Natalie, Michelle forcing him to do it.

  • Analysis Of The Story ' Paulie Calafiore '

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    1. Paulie Calafiore - Well, it just seems he is marching his way to victory and no one cares. Paulie has the entire house in the palm of his hands and they will do whatever he states. Paul did his dirty work for him this week by taking Da 'vonne out for him, someone who was loyal to Paul and not coming after him. Props to the game that Paulie is playing, but I feel the double eviction is where he is he most vulnerable. 2. James Huling - James may not be playing the game hard and while he 's currently

  • The Importance Of Animal Care For Farm Animals

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    The care for farm animals have become less significant to society as they are seen as just living beings. The primary issue here is not that farm animals are complicated to work with but they are not well taken care of by the livestock workers. There is a rough care for farm animals because the requirement level of education for farm workers or agricultural managers are high school diploma or equivalent with no job training and five plus years of experience. With insufficient amount of training and

  • Backstage TV Show

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    The showrunner Lara Azzopardi and I worked together on Martin Gero's The LA Complex and we had a total "showmance." I adore Lara.​ We vowed to work together on every project for all time ever. When Backstage was greenlit, she asked me to come on board as her right-hand woman. Best experience of my life. She will also be directing my feature film The Swearing Jar, shooting later this year and produced by my sister-in-law Jane Loughman! (David finally got something right.) Why do you think Backstage