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  • Book Assesment Essay on You Can't Take My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please

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    encounter. With Jerry as an alien realtor, Queen Mooby, and King Zoodle. The alien king and queen were deciding to buy the planet. Giles had though that they should not. Giles has seen the brochure for this planet on sale. He even has been warned by a shrunken head that Earth’s humans would be kicked out and aliens in. He couldn’t let that

  • The City Of Yaupi, Ecuador And Peru

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    savage or rustic. Some of the Jivaro people are not far from town; therefore, their connection to people in the towns is not rare. For years, they have traded goods, and land for more goods. Trading shrunken heads was also once common. In the 20th century, once shurken heads was outlawed the heads started to become counterfeited for trade. There are different ways to get to and around this community. In the village, it is easier to walk or bike, but it is important to be aware of surroundings since

  • Personal Narrative- Amazon Experience Essay

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    “Ma’am,” he addressed the shop’s owner, “are these real?” A pretty, young Colombian girl sitting with one long leg thrown over the other while filing her nails answered without even looking up, “Oh yeah, those are real.” “Real heads? Human heads? Real human heads?” my dad asked in disbelief. “Yep, straight from the Amazon,” she answered indifferently. I stared at the skulls in disbelief wondering who the poor victims were. I’ll intentioned intruders who tried to harm an Amazon tribe? Nosy tourists

  • The Egyptian Reserve Heads Essay

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    a puzzling find, unique to the Pyramid Age, appeared. The Egyptian reserve heads, well-sculpted depictions of human heads, have remained an enigma since their first finding. Funerary anomalies, their composition, characteristic features, and placement have sparked multiple theories about their significance within the private funerary cult and within Egyptian

  • The Day Of School And She Ate And Made The Perfect Dress

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    name echoed in her head over and over again. James, James, James, wonderful, kind, giving, warm James. "Mama didn 't you used to sing that song to me when I was little?" asked Blue in a questioning manner. "Yes I did, good memory, but I think that it 's time for bed." "Oh no Mama, just a little bit more." "Tomorrow, I love you my little Blue." "I love you too Mama." As she told the story the next night, Blue couldn 't stop smiling. Then the door opened and her husband stuck his head in with a smile

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    as Emma ripped her hand away from him. “I know but-” “Emma, you need to sleep as much as I do. Come on, let’s just catch a bit of sleep and then we can look later.” Emma ran a hand through her hair pulling a few leaves from it before nodding her head. Dropping her backpack to the ground she grabbed a change of clothes and went to change in the bathroom. Jack looked at the door for a moment. Digging out a different pair of clothes for himself and changing. Zorua curled up on the foot of the bed

  • My New York City

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    During my second day for my New York City trip, me and my friends decided to go ahead and check out a bit early from the hotel Gallivant . Our plan was to go ahead and walk around the city before heading to our corporate site visits planned for the rest of the day. At that morning, I hurriedly took a shower, packed my luggage and waited for my other friends in the hotel lobby. My friends were Arya, who is a fun loving guy who always has room for a joke or two; Andrew who is the quiet one in the group

  • Narrative Essay On Criminal Justice

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    “Amun,” Jamie yelled from his office. “Joy, the devil,” I whispered to myself as I trudged across the hall to hell. “New case. There have been several killings this past week and I’d like you to go over the file. Cops still don’t know who it is, but you’re the only lawyer who takes care of these cases so if you don’t want the job we will have to call someone from out of state to see if they would like to take this case. Look at the file, think about it, let me know if you would like to

  • Personal Narrative-American Football

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    night more and more games went on, to be honest I didn’t really have a bad game. I was happy with how I performed in the games but now it was time to rest before the long bus journey home. I plugged my earphones in, Jimi Hendrix blaring from them and head for some food. As I excepted the food wasn’t your Michelin star quality, more like your primary school dinners but after an exhausting day I was starving and the food seemed like

  • Creative Writing: Barba's Rape

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    building and Barba heads straight to a hot dog vendor. He looks at Sonny as he hands money to the vendor, "Want one?" Sonny shakes his head. "No thank you." He could never admit this to anyone, especially to Barba, that Dr Rudnick's words still lingered in the back of his mind about watching his weight. Yet here he was, in a twist of irony, wanting to encourage Barba's snacking habits. It made no sense. Barba shrugs, "Suit yourself." He grabs his meal and he eats as they head to the DAs