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  • End of the Space Shuttle Program: An American Financial Voyage

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    NASA’s Shuttle Program also known as the Space Transportation System, was the first winged manned spacecraft operation to have achieved orbit and land, also the first to use reusable spacecrafts and make multiple flights into various orbits. Although the shuttle program took America to a heighten achievement of orbital transportation, recent closure of the program has baffled many Americans and left questions about the future of the American space missions. The closure of the program by the Obama

  • Space Program Downfall

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    America has tossed its cap over the wall of space. -John F. Kennedy Introduction On February 1st, 2003 seven Americans lost their lives while returning to earth after finishing a mission for mankind. These Americans were aboard the space shuttle Challenger that broke apart during reentry into the earth’s atmosphere and was completely destroyed. After an extensive investigation the cause of the accident was determined to be the result of a hole that was punctured into the leading edge

  • NASA's Changing Problem Essay

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    very much. It lost its shuttle program, it had budget cuts to missions to earth, and even a cut in education. NASA was founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower. NASA is most known for being the first company to send a person to the moon. It is easy to tell that NASA’s changed and is changing right now. The big question is what the change is happening to. One thing is for sure. This changing in NASA is definitely for the worst. The shuttle program has very drastically changed. The shuttle program is a program

  • The National Aeronautics And Space Administration Has A

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    extensive public-relations effort that is similar to the marketing campaigns of America 's biggest corporations. NASA has learned a valuable lesson about marketing in the 21st century: to promote its programs, it must provide entertaining visuals and stories with compelling human characters. For this reason, NASA issues a steady stream of press releases and images from its human spaceflight program. Every launch of the space shuttle is a media event. NASA presents its astronauts as ready-made heroes, even

  • Final Frontier

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    The Routes to the Final Frontier Thesis: The success of Space exploration in america does not depend on a sole organization, but rather on the ability of NASA to collaborate with a growing space industry for the ultimate goal of human progress. I. At one time, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration represented all of America’s ingenuity and accomplishment. II. Following the retirement of the Space Shuttle, a booming private american space industry took flight; yet some experts in the

  • Normalization Of Deviance And The Space Administration

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    Normalization of Deviance "Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." (Ford) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has had its fair share of catastrophic disasters. The Apollo 1 Fire was said to be a “preventable failure by NASA”. (Dhar) Though shortly after, the Apollo 13 intendent was just a near miss of a great disaster. Then to sum the failures, it would take the lives of 14 astronauts for a course of action to be considered. Thus what do all these disasters have

  • Space Politics : The National Security Approach And The Commercial Approach Essay

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    Space Politics Introduction NASA is the state agency through which the American government explores the Space. Since its inception, the agency has been receiving funding directly from the government via approval in the Congress. However, recently there has been an emerging trend whereby the agency is outsourcing some of its key functions from the private sector. Currently, the agency has contracted two private companies to transport astronauts from here on earth to the International Space Station

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration Analysis

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    those glory days are over.Government funding for the space agency is at an all-time low, and the space shuttle program is being retired. No longer can the United States send people to the moon, or into space at all for that matter. The country that first reached the moon – the country that once had the most impressive space program in the world – is forced to hitch rides on Russian and Chinese shuttles (Borenstein). In many ways, our best days are behind us, and we have lost a very

  • Why We Should Be Heading Towards Space Exploration

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    space exploration reach far beyond the cosmos and into the everyday lives of people. Right off the bat, the question for most is, with all the benefits realized through space exploration aside, what is the actual cost of these endeavors. The space shuttle program (now retired) was the primary consumer when it came to taxpayer funds. According to

  • The Future of Spaceflight and Why It Should Be Private Essay

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    the cosmic ocean, a winged spacecraft approaches a gigantesque space station pirouetting in the vast dark. The pilots of this vessel make use of flat-screen computer displays to match their rotation with that of the massive orbital outpost. As the shuttle spins, a logo of the world's largest airline, emblazoned on its side, comes into view. This is not the present, but it was to be the past. A scene from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 science-fiction epic, 2001 A Space Odyssey, it was lauded at the time