Siamese fighting fish

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  • What Is Betta Fish?

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    colored fish species commonly known as betta or also as the Siamese fighting fish. Originally from Southeast Asia, this particular species of fish is known as a labyrinth because it is able to breathe in oxygen directly from the surface. In addition it can survive out of water, for a short period of time, as long as it is moist (The Beauty of the Betta). Their lifespan ranges from one to four years. Although betta fish are seen as a house pet, they originally reside in the Mekong River (Siamese Fighting

  • Character Analysis Of Rumble Fish By Rusty James

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    to follow the Motorcycle boy around to seem tougher and uncovers a new side of the Motorcycle boy. The antagonist of Rumble Fish is not really a person but poverty. His dad drinks away the child support money and is always drunk. Rusty is left to fend for himself which makes him steal and drink and smoke and fight for money. The two main themes of Rumble Fish are alienation and abandonment. Rusty James is just trying to fit in but all the gangs split up and he has nowhere to go so he

  • Facial Display Experiment

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    conflict. The average results seem to reinforce this hypothesis, although a few results went against it (e.g., the fish in tank 13), which might have been due to some limitations of the experiment. The heater on the left side of the tank might have interfered with the response from the left fish as it consists in a physical object and might have reduced the attention of the fish especially during the first part of the experiment. This means that there might have

  • Betta Fish Research Paper

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    humans should use to improve scuba diving techniques. The Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish can be found in the South-East Asia. Only a few centimeters in length these fish have bright vivid colors and wide immaculate fins. This is a popular fish commodity for people who like foreign fish or extravagant fish tanks. The Betta fish is not originally an aggressive organism. It’s highly common name of “Chinese fighting fish” comes from the behavior of been held captive

  • Crown Chill Betta Research Paper

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    Form- Assorted, Blu, Red Origin- Farm raised-Thailand Family- Belontidae OVERVIEW The Crown Tail Betta has a remarkable tail, which is different from other Betta. It is a type of “Siamese” Fighting Fish. These fish have been bred over the years to improve the fins and colors of the male species. It can also make these fish more aggressive. The Crown Tail Betta has a teardrop shape to its tail, whereas the Twin Tail is split, giving the impression that it has two tails. OTHER NOTES/FACTS Crown Tail

  • Mr. Tilford's Menagerie

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    pet shop. He had many animals in the pet shop, but he had as his favorite. Berkeley, a German Shepard that is kept loose to protect the pet shop, is a bold, and leading watchdog that protects the pet shop from any burglars. The pet shop consisted of fish, reptiles, parrots, rabbits, Etc. The Animals in the pet shop have their unique personality, which makes Berkeley a well-rounded dog being able to get along with them. There was one animal in particular that Berkeley wasn’t to fond of, the monkey.

  • Gas Exchange

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    Gas Exchange is a physical process. During that physical process diffusion is involved which are two main gases oxygen (O2) which is needed for respiration, Carbon dioxide (CO2) that is produced in respiration. These two main gases are used in aerobic respiration which is the process most living things undertake for energy. Breathing is one of the physical process that acquire fibrous movements that take oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from gas exchange surfaces. Gas Exchange surfaces enable diffusion

  • Brief Summary : The Story Of The Boogey Bears

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    which smelled like mac n cheese so they bought some febreze air fresheners that smelled like fall pumpkin. The next day it was October twenty-ninth and the boogey bears were hungry again so they went to clawmart to buy their favorite fish, the Siamese fighting fish. They took it back home to the boogey bears residence. They tasted it and spit it out because yet again it tasted like mac n cheese. They went outside

  • Themes Of Big Fish

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    The 2003 film, Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton tells two stories. In the first story, told in the present tense, Will Bloom (Billy Crudup) is attempting to reconnect with his dying father, Edward Bloom (Albert Finney). At the same time, Edward is recounting his journey in life in a series of flashbacks. The story explores vast themes such as the reality versus fantasy, power of love and of imagination. The film begins at Will’s wedding which took place several years earlier. As Edward gives a

  • Japan During The Sino Japanese War

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    started to invade northern China and Korea. Japan gained control of Manchuria (Northern China) and all of Korea and then gained what would be known as Taiwan after the Sino-Japanese War. In the Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War Japan was fighting to gain control and prevent the Chinese and Russians from making a move on them, the Japanese, being such a small country, feared that Russia and China would try and take the power that they had built overtime. You see, in America we take classes