Sierra Leone Essay

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  • The Country Of Sierra Leone

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    Sierra Leone, the county located in West Africa. Sierra Leone happens to be one of many developing countries in the world. “Sierra Leone won its independence in the year of 1961” (Wiki,2015) “The population of Sierra Leone is 6.092 million people as of 2013”(World Bank, 2015). With a low income level as well, Sierra Leone’s GDP is 4.136 billion calculated in U.S currency (World Bank). Because of the country being in a low state financially, international lending institutions such as the World

  • Sierra Leone War Essay

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    Living the RUF(f) life in Sierra Leone In Africa, specifically Sierra Leone, a war rages between the government and the rebels. Civil war terrorizes the people and has led people into fear and poverty. Some choose to run in fear, hoping the military will come in and protect their families from the ferocities and hideousness of the war at their doorstep. Others choose to, or are beaten into, joining the rebels or the so called Sebels. Going into the book I was aware of the horrors of war and the atrocities

  • The Conflict Diamonds Of Sierra Leone

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    conflict diamonds started to be present and problematic in Sierra Leone as soon as DeBeers mining company took control of all diamond prospects throughout this region. Although DeBeers was keeping a moderate watch on the trading and actions being taken through it, traders from Lebanon (bordered by Syria and Israel to the south) were able to easily smuggle and mine diamonds out through the company. Later towards the 1950s, countries, such as Sierra Leone, had to give up the chance of regulating the illicit

  • Marshall Law In Sierra Leone Sierra Leone is a country on the West Coast of Africa. The

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    Marshall Law In Sierra Leone Sierra Leone is a country on the West Coast of Africa. The country has their first independence on April 27 1961.Also the country is was the last to have independence over 150 years by the British colonial rule. It was great at that time there were smiles on the people faces and happiness all Around the country. Then the A.P. All People's Congress comes to power to make the country better or us The president at that time name was Siaka Stevens. The people

  • The Conflict Of Sierra Leone

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    Sierra Leone gained its independence in 1961 but it’s not as independent as it seems. Known as the Blood Diamond of Africa is said to be one of the most dangerous places in the world. Of its top exports, diamonds are number one. Who knew one diamond could cause so much chaos especially in the land of peace and harmony, causing its own people to kill one another. Blood diamonds are infamous and play a dangerous role in the lives of many people. Africans are killing one another over a small diamond

  • The Sierra Leones Civil War

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    The Sierra Leones Civil War, started in 1991 and ended in 2002.In more than a decade cities were destroyed and occupied, people displaced, women raped and children forced to become soldiers. Man were mostly used in the diamond’s mines or deployed in illegal armed forces. At the very beginning, in 1991 the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) from Liberia moved to Sierra Leone to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government. In the meanwhile, the Sierra Leone Army tried its best to protect the huge amount of

  • Sierra Leone Research Paper

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    INTRODUCTION. In early 1991 Sierra Leone had an outbreak of civil war was economically and politically on the edge of collapsing due to the twenty four years of exploitation and misrule under Siaka Stevens and Joseph Saidu Momoh who was his chosen successor, and had left the country heavily dependent on foreign aid and loans. The state was divided between the client of the All People’s Party regime, a growing number of a bitter political and business rivals, mismanagement and corruption. The civil

  • The Economic Problems of Sierra Leone Essay

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    Sierra Leone or the Republic of Sierra Leone is West African country that borders to the north and east with Guinea, to the southeast with Liberia, and to the west and southwest with Atlantic Ocean. It is a beautiful country with white sand beaches, orange and coconut trees all around, and people of good hearts; however Sierra Leone or Sa Lone in its native language, Krio, has been underdeveloped and was struggling for many years to gain its independence as a British Colony. Even thou, now Sierra

  • Differences Between Sierra Leone And Ghana

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    similar Sierra Leonean and Ghanaian cultures are, I will focus on the emergence of each nation, as well as each culture’s national identity. The historical backgrounds found within the countries of Sierra Leone and Ghana have shaped each of their national identities. Exploring how Sierra Leone and Ghana emerged as individual nations is crucial in understanding their national identities as well as necessary to show the similarities between Sierra Leonean and Ghanaian cultures. As for both Sierra Leone

  • Blood Diamonds & Sierra Leone Essay

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    Blood Diamonds & Sierra Leone It is common to hear about war, terror, death and poverty, it is common knowledge to know their meanings, but what right does one have to say they know the reality of the words if they have never experienced it themselves, what does it really means to see the death of someone in a war; to know the terror of not knowing if you are to live to see another sunrise? Most do not know and are ignorant of the fact situations like this happens all around us; happening now even