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  • Asgard And Vanaheim: A Short Story

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    The main difference between Asgard and Vanaheim was the silence that haunted him as he stalked through the halls. Initially, the scholarly atmosphere had grabbed his interest. But now, he strode past various documents and statutes without so much as a second glance. He could ask for them to be sent back to Asgard if he so pleased, but the damn quiet was something he never found back home. It refused to break in the echoes of his footsteps and it compelled him to recede into his thoughts. In the

  • Journey Short Story

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    take my hand. I snatched it out of his grasp. “You did this. I knew something was off, but instead of listening to my instinct, that little voice inside, I gave you the benefit of the doubt.” I stomped through the snow behind Thor’s long strides. “Sif, listen-” Loki rubbed my arms up and down and attempted to calm me. I waited for him to say something, anything, to prove I was wrong.

  • Differences Of The Asgardian Hero: Loki Laufeysor

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    1. Sharp intellect, cunning and jealous Loki Laufeyson is an Asgardian prince, the God of Mischief and usurper of the Asgardian throne. A misshapenFrost Giant, he is the adopted brother and nemesis of Thor, the adopted son of Odin and Frigga, and the biological son of the Frost Giant Laufey and an enemy of The Avengers. Odin found Loki in place of Frost Giants. Growing up, Loki always felt like he was living in Thor's shadow and was envious to him for being the future king. Loki's jealousy kept

  • Personal Narrative: God, Sif, And The Warrior

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    Thor, Loki, Sif, and the Warriors Three. But you had a crush on the God of Mischief himself, Loki. *Age 22* I walked through the golden halls of the castle to the library. I always loved to read, plus it would calm my nerves whenever I got angry. When I got to the library I immediately looked in the magic section. I picked a book that I haven't read before called, Magic in Battle. I always favored magic than a sword in battle, even though I was good with a sword. But not as good as Sif. I went to

  • A Number Of Public Health And Safety Concerns Arise From Injection Drug Use

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    improperly discarded syringes (Buchanan et al., 2003). Supervised injection facilities (SIFs) —also called drug consumption rooms (DCRs), safe injection sites (SISs), and medically supervised injection centers (MSICs)—have attempted to address these concerns by providing legally sanctioned, safer environments for people to inject pre-obtained drugs under medical supervision (Broadhead et al., 2002). To date, more than 90 SIFs have been opened in 8 countries (Australia, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands

  • Incident Investigation On The Workplace

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    are addressed; the site is secured and safe for the investigators to begin gathering information. A total lockdown of the incident site may be necessary to secure evidence and isolate. The occurrence of or potential for serious injury or fatality (SIF) is the determining factor related to the extent at which the site shall be secured and investigations will be performed. Definitions Contributing Factors are events or conditions that collectively

  • Ec Theory

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    The SIFs respond to electrical excitation with an all-or-nothing response, which propagates along the whole length of the fiber. They are innervated by relatively large nerves (7–11 mm), which terminate as large en plaque motor endplates in an endplate zone

  • Is Thor Reliable

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    and war planned by Loki. Odin believed in him that he was capable to protect Asgard from harsh enemies. In a fight in Vanaheim, Thor was the vital key to terminate the war and create victory. His appearing to the scene of war threatened his enemy. Sif said “All Yours” to Thor when Kronan appeared and showed her confidence to Thor to destroy the big guy. Thor did not

  • The Marvel Sympathetic Thor: Ragnarok

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    will play the villainess in the film, Blindspot star Jaimie Alexander might not be coming back as Sif! Alexander recently spoke to Comic Book Movie, where she stated that she is not certain whether the Asgardian female warrior will return in the third Thor movie. “I am not 100% sure at this moment,” Alexander said before revealing that the Ragnarok storyline is somehow getting a rewrite that might leave Sif with a smaller role. “I know that they're changing things with the script and that sort of thing

  • Summary: Benefits Of Safety Injection

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    mortality than the general population (Marshall, Milloy, Wood, Montaner & Kerr, 2011, p.1429). In North America overdose is the leading cause of high mortality rate of IDUs. However, since the opening of the first legal supervised injection facility (SIF)—InSite at Vancouver has significantly reduced the