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  • Essay on The Representation of Women in Some Like It Hot and Alien 3

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    Like It Hot' and 'Alien 3'. 'Some Like It Hot' was made in 1958. Marilyn Monroe starts in the comedy as Sugar Cane who is a very feminine musician. 'Alien 3' on the other hand was made 40 years after and is a sci-fi horror. Sigourney Weaver is the star of the film and plays the character Lt. Ripley. Unlike Sugar Cane, Lt. Ripley is a very tough and manly character. 'Some Like It Hot' is about two musicians. They witness a massacre and try to

  • The Importance Of The Hollywood Star System

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    There is no doubt that Hollywood is an industry based on selling movies and what sells movies better than the marketing of a Hollywood star. An actor or actress can not only make movies successful, but in addition their images are also profitable. The Hollywood Star System has been very profitable for Hollywood and contributed to saving Hollywood in the late 1920s and 1930s when studios found it financially hard to survive. Once Hollywood realized their star’s had financial power there was no stopping

  • Analysis Of Aliens By James Cameron

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    a planet that the corporation is trying to develop an atmosphere on. The investigation soon turns into a fight for survival and escape, as the colony has been overrun by aliens and is now their breeding grounds. Ellen Ripley, who is played by Sigourney Weaver, is the advisor to the expedition, but quickly becomes the group’s anointed leader. Ripley was recovered by a team, who found her in a state of hibernation, after she had to blow up her ship, because an alien got on board and killed her entire

  • The Diverse Roles of Women in Movies Essay

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    play a major role or the main role. All their roles are very different in character and none of the women in these three movies play a similar role. In the movie Heartbreakers the two main women are Jennifer Love Hewitt (the daughter) and Sigourney Weaver (the mother). These two

  • Alien Organicity In Alien

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    An Assessment of Organicity in Alien Question: In Alien, is organicity portrayed as beauty or repulsiveness? In Alien, a film directed by Ridley Scott in 1979, a crew boards the Nostromos to explore a distress signal. However, once an alien is brought onboard, the crew struggles for their individual survival. There is a constant juxtaposition between the organic and inorganic, and the organic is often heavily associated with the abject, which entails messiness and even violence. Beauty refers to

  • Technology And Its Effects On Technology

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    The displayed photos are suggesting the audiences to picture how human’s life becomes less and less difficult because of the help of the technology. Less work means less energy spent. That is why humans become fatter and fatter. Analyzing the photos brings us to the assumption that the current humans have little to do. The robots have provided and offered their services intended to make human’s life better. Nguyen further criticizes that the over reliance on technology, which is in a way has made

  • Symbolism In Avatar

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    In James Cameron’s film, Avatar, the plot begins by introducing the protagonist Jake Sully. Jake, a paraplegic marine, is sought out to join the Avatar Program, a scientific journey through space to discover an unknown world and its people. Because its atmosphere is poisonous to humans, the scientists who are a part of the project have created genetically engineered human-Na’vi bodies, called Avatars, that they use to explore the planet of Pandora. Jake Sully and his team end up overstepping the

  • Examples Of Psychoanalysis In Alien

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    C. Psychoanalysis as a political weapon in Alien i. Male action and female inaction There are two major examples of male activeness and female passiveness in Alien: the chestburster scene and the differences between Ripley and Dallas as the protagonist. In the iconic chestburster scene the crew are seated peacefully as they prepare to return to stasis, however this peace is disturbed when Kane convulses and a chestburster bursts out of him. Only the male characters are active in this scene: Parker

  • Analysis Of The Film 'Avatar'

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    In the film ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron one important character named ,Jake Sully, changes majorly over the duration of the text. In the beginning he lived on Earth in 2154. It was majorly overcrowded and technology had taken over with screens literally everywhere. Jake is a cripple with him being an ex-veteran who lost use of his legs during service, he said there was surgery that would fis his problem but the economy was broken and the government could afford to help him. His identical twin brother

  • Human And Alien Relationships : Alien And. Bloodchild By Ridley Scott And Olivia Butler

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    Human and Alien Relationships in Alien and “Bloodchild” Ridley Scott and Olivia Butler both took the topic of aliens and made it their own. While they have different story lines, there are still distinct similarities, but many differences as well. Ridley Scott took the idea of aliens and with that he created the movie Alien. In this movie, the humans are awakened from their sleep capsules to explore a distress call from an alien vessel. An alien attacks one of the crewmembers and that is when the