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  • Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries and Sikkim

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    Sikkim Sikkim is a wonderland in the bosom of Eastern Himalayas with its avant garde surroundings and spectacular tableau. The Shangrila, the Mt. Kanchenjunga makes Sikkim a charming land representing a concoction of Buddhism and Tibetology. With Buddhism predominant in the state you will see many monasteries and ruby clad monks here. For you, the nature lovers, the state has eminent orchids sanctuary where 500 indigenous species of orchids are found. An adventure tour in Sikkim has many druthers

  • Life Is A Daring Adventure Essay

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    in Sikkim & Darjeeling. The eastern parts of India have a refreshing and calm atmosphere with a pollution free environment. We began by traveling to Delhi and thereafter from Delhi we took a flight to Bagdogra. We had an exquisite travel to Sikkim by car where we stayed for 2-3 days and went to all the distinctive places of nearby areas. Sikkim is a fairly compact city which is bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal and it is a place of landscape and scenic beauty. The atmosphere of Sikkim was

  • The Life Of A Refugee Camp

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    Life is like a drop of water floating on the surface of the lotus leaf. I cannot trust it when people claim that life can’t be changed because of my own life story. How could anyone believe that I was born in a refugee camp? As a matter of fact, I was born there. In the early 1990’s one of the smallest countries in the world, Bhutan was politically active because of growing communism within the nation. At that time, the country was populated with Nepali and Drukpas; two distinct groups of people

  • Nepal : A Life-Changing Experience Of Volunteering In Nepal

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    Volunteering in Nepal has honestly been a life-changing experience for me. Before the trip, not only did I have no knowledge regarding the lifestyle of the Nepali people, but I also did not completely understand the importance of being a volunteer and helping those who are less fortunate than I. However, during the course of two weeks, I personally experienced the customs and values of people in Kathmandu and was able to meet with and talk to several children in the city. Overall, this trip was not

  • Understanding Variable Shortening And The Himalayan Thrust Belt Of Sikkim And Western Bhutan

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    Understanding variable shortening rates in the Himalayan thrust belt of Sikkim and western Bhutan using various thermochronologic data. An NSF proposal written by Sameer Baral Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA Introduction Crustal shortening is the primary result of a continent-continent collision in the orogenic thrust belts. Several techniques have been applied to understand the shortening rates in active collisional belts like the

  • Comparative Study of Organic Farming Policy of M.P, Sikkim, Karnataka and Kerala States of India

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    Ecosystem & Sustainability Management TOPIC Comparative Study of organic Farming Policy of M.P, Sikkim, Karnataka and Kerala states of India In the comparative study of Organic Farming Policies of M.P, Kerala, Karnataka and Sikkim state we will try to find out whether the policy is meant for the farmers interest or just to fulfil the interest of the MNCs or Farm Input Supplier Companies. In this whole document we will try to find out how the policy is addressing the following issues Is the

  • Peer Groups And Drug Abuse

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    has brought drastic changes in Sikkim in terms of market, transport and communications as well as many youths earning money. The people have become more achievement driven and economic

  • Dividend Decision

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    Financial Management  Unit 15  Unit 15  Structure  15.1  Introduction  15.2  Traditional Approach  15.3  Dividend Relevance Model  15.3.1  15.3.2  Walter Model  Gordon’s Dividend Capitalization Model  Dividend Decision  15.4  Dividend Irrelevance Theory:  Miller and Modigliani Model  15.5  Stability of Dividends  15.6  Forms of Dividends  15.7  Stock Split  15.8  Summary  Terminal Questions  Answers to SAQs and TQs  15.1 Introduction  Dividends are that portion of a firm’s net earnings paid to the shareholders

  • Mangament Process and Organisation Behaviour

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    Management Process and Organisational Behaviour Unit 5 Unit 5 Leading Structure: 5.1 Introduction, Objectives 5.2 Case Study 5.3 Definition and Comparison and Contrasting of Directing and Leading 5.4 Characteristics of Leading 5.5 Importance of Leading 5.6 Functions of Leading 5.7 Summary 5.8 Glossary 5.9 Terminal Questions 5.10 Answers 5.1 Introduction In the previous unit, we dealt with the definition and importance of organising, types of organisations and departmentation, organisational

  • The Two Self Defeating Lenses : How Long Will They Keep Preventing A Healthy Nepal Relationship? Essay

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    The Two Self-defeating Lenses: How Long Will They Keep Preventing a Healthy Nepal-India Relationship? By Dr. Krishna Poudel These two groups of actors narrate Nepal-India relationship viewing it through a treacherous lens: the South Block and a particular genre of Indian politicians and the fanatic nationalists in Nepal. The lenses have been self-defeating in that they have prevented the two nations from building a healthy relationship. The Lenses and the narratives The lens of South Block and a