Simi Valley, California

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  • Why Do Police Abuse Their Power

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    the footage to a local news company .¨(Rodney King Case and the Los Angeles Riot.).the police would claim that he was resisting arrest and driving under the influence, but that doesn't explain the beating. After months the trial would be moved to Simi Valley a mainly white suburb due to widespread publicity. The charges were

  • The Los Angeles Riots of 1992 Essay

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    “April 26th, 1992, there was a riot on the streets, tell me where were you!? You were sittin' home watchin' your TV, while I was paticipatin' in some anarchy,” these are the lyrics Sublime uses in their song ‘April 26, 1992’ to describe what happened during the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. “First spot we hit it was my liquor store. I finally got all that alcohol I can't afford. With red lights flashin' time to retire, And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire,” people ,running through

  • The Rodney King Trial And Verdict

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    We are fools to think racism is something of the past. Racism is very much alive in this century as it was in the last century. The Rodney King trial and verdict will forever be identified as a moment in recent history that outraged the diverse residents of Los Angeles County and the rest of America. Not only did it expose the police brutality African Americans endure, but it showed the discrimination of a jury mostly made of white people. My family lived in Los Angeles during the late 80’s and into

  • History Of The 1992 Los Angeles Riots

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    The 1992 Los Angeles Riots Los Angeles today is widely known for its urban and constantly changing culture, but 25 years ago, people throughout the nation were watching the riots and destruction of the city. In 1992, Los Angeles was a place of chaos and massive rioting so large that people feared even going into the city. These rebels against society were fighting for five days straight, causing a disturbance so large that $1.3 billion dollars in damages left the city a burning mess. The rioters

  • Causes Of The Los Angeles Riots

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    The twentieth century brought with it many conflicts, such as both World Wars, the Great Depression, and civil unrest, the latter of which its effects can still be seen today. The Civil Rights Movement of the sixties, paved the way for more demonstrations during the last quarter of the twentieth century. One of the greatest of these demonstrations was the Los Angeles Riots (commonly known as the Rodney King Riots) of nineteen ninety two. The Civil Rights Movement had a goal, which was to end segregation

  • The LA Riots

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    The Change The LA Riots Brought African Americans in Los Angeles and throughout the United States have experienced racial oppression for centuries. Rodney King was an African American motorist who inspired positive police reforms after he had a brutal conflict and was beaten by four members LAPD. Rodney King’s encounter resulted in a social and legal compromise because the incident made people aware of the police brutality, gave African Americans a voice against police abuse, and resulted in reforms

  • Argumeative Effects Of The Los Angeles Riots

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    The Los Angeles Riots Argumentative Essay How did the Los Angeles Riots help bring a change to the community and to the LAPD? Rodney King was an African American motorist who inspired positive police reforms after he was brutally beaten by four members of the LAPD. Rodney King had an impact on the lives of everyone. He was an inspiration to most of the black African Americans. He was their voice. The Los Angeles Riots were the second riots to happen after the Watts Riots. The L.A Riots took place

  • Rodney King Discrimination Analysis

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    caught King was pulled from the vehicle and brutally beaten by a multitude of LAPD officers. The entire incident was caught on tape by an amateur cameraman George Holiday (“Rodney”, n.d.). The officers in question were all charged by the state of California with excessive force by a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon. During the trial Koon reported that the beating the King suffered was justifiable due to the officers believing that King was on PCP (“Key”, n.d.) Therefore, due to Koon’s

  • Los Angeles Riots

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    L.A. Riots The Los Angeles Riots goes down in history as one of the most famous and destructive riots in US history. The L.A. Riots started as an outcry to the acquittal of the four police officers who senselessly beat Rodney King which was caught on camera. To understand the core issues of the L.A. Riots, we have to go back to what started it all, the injustice of Rodney King. Rodney King, an African-American man who already had a run in with the law, lead police on a high-speed car chase in Los

  • Los Angeles : A Pot Of Culture And A Mecca For The Film Industry And Skateboarding Culture

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    Los Angeles has always been a melting pot of culture and a mecca for the film industry and skateboarding culture. The greater Los Angeles area is home to 18.68 Million people today that reflects many communities and the people of Los Angeles have fostered popular cultures that youth of the past and present hold dear. Unfortunately, the gang culture in Los Angeles and especially the South Central area exploded along with the population with the onset of numerous street gangs. Interestingly enough