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  • The Value Of My Education By Simon Fraser University

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    an essential part of our daily lives. For some people in the world, technology is what allows them to function. They are dependent on it’s reliability and the quality of its design to keep them alive. The program I’ve been accepted to at Simon Fraser University is entitled a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Arts & Technology with a joint major in business. This degree combines applied computing, the science of human experience, the analysis

  • Campus Case Study

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    The master plan of the campus called for implementation of several phases in order to allow student to attend classes after the two year time frame given by the president of the university. In the first phase, the mall, quadrangle, a single dormitory building, as well as one wing of the classroom was built. This was followed by the theater, gymnasium, library, addition to the classrooms. The expansion of the northern classroom wing, completed in 1972 attempts to remedy some of the earlier problems

  • My Personal Experience : My Experience On My Educational Experience

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    first class of the Summer 2017 semester. I enrolled into the course EDUC 252 for multiple reasons. One reason for taking this course was that it is a requirement for the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS), an undergraduate degree program at Simon Fraser University (SFU), and this course fit perfectly into my busy schedule this current semester. Another reason for my enrolment into the course EDUC 252 was my pursuit of becoming a teacher. I believe this course will help me as a prospective educator with

  • Statement Of Purpose For Software Engineering

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    Statement of Purpose Choosing to learn software engineering was fortuitous for me when I had to select a profession several years ago. As I studied software engineering more deeply, I began to realize technologies related not only are very interesting but also have permeated into many fields. After experiencing undergraduate education for four years and graduate education for less than one year, I am extremely desperate for an occasion to further improve my cognition and practical ability in computing

  • Aristotle 's Theory Of Virtue

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    Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics is a reflection as to what virtue is. Aristotle’s definition of virtue can be described as the as the “state of character concerned with choice, lying in a mean relative to us, this being determined by reason and by that reason by which the man of practical wisdom would determine it” (Nicomachean Ethics, 31). In addition to that, Aristotle illustrates two types of virtue that stem from his primary idea; moral and intellectual virtue. Aristotle expounds moral virtue

  • Consent Essay

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    Study Information and Informed Consent for Interview Participants Study Information for Interview Participants: This research study is conducted by the investigators of the Faculty of Education of Simon Fraser University, and is under the permission of [name of School Board]. The purpose of this study is to investigate the applications and potentials of maker-centered teaching and learning in ADST (Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education

  • Political Economy : An Influential Textbook By Alfred Marshall Essay

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    utility of a representative individual toward examining how political forces affect the choice of economic policies, especially as to distributional conflicts and political institutions. It is available as an area of study in certain colleges and universities. Academic work Margaret

  • The Music Industry Lawyers

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    Music industry lawyers are the legal representation that resolves conflict in many realms of the music industry. As consultants for the music industry, music industry lawyers advocate for the rights of musicians and record labels. This legal representation is generally called to convey legal advice to support musicians and record labels. Merchandising and touring are also areas that music industry lawyers specialize in. These professionals are often contacted to negotiate contracts between record

  • Bachelor Of Arts Scholarship Essay

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    Following my graduation from Mission Senior Secondary School, I plan to attend the Bachelor of Arts program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offered at Simon Fraser University, in order to obtain an undergraduate degree. Upon completion of this, I would like to enter the field of education as a primary teacher or pursue my Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and ideally work within a school environment. Based on the criteria required to be awarded this scholarship, I demonstrate the necessary

  • Comfort Zone Application Essay

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    At Simon Fraser University, it will be a different work environment, and I will be surrounded by peers with the same interests as me. The program I chose was health sciences since I always had an interest in the medical field. I can easily branch out to similar fields