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  • Nina Simone Essay

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    employment as an lounge entertainer. Knowing that her mother would not approve of this notion, she decided to take a stage name. She chose Nina – an affectionate term that an ex-boyfriend used to call her meaning girl in Spanish – and Simone – after Simone Signoret a French actor, because she though it sounded sophisticated. With her new stage name, she got a job in a small bar and grill off the boardwalk. At first she just played the piano, but her boss told her that she had to sing or she could

  • Nina Simone Contributions

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    dominant sources of leadership and influence. Nina Simone led an influential and successful life as a musical artist, especially during the civil rights movement. Her music fused genres of classical, soul, rhythm and blues, and jazz to create a completely unique, uncategorizable style of music. Her contralto voice and distinguished musical style made her easily recognizable and popular to a diverse, global audience during the 60s and 70s. Although Simone is often omitted from historical recounts of the

  • The Philosophy of Simone Weil Essays

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    The Philosophy of Simone Weil In the final entry to her London notebooks, Simone Weil writes "Philosophy is exclusively an affair of action and practice. That is why it is so difficult to write about. Difficult in the same way as a treatise on tennis or running, but much more so." (Allen, p. 157) In these next few pages I will try to relay the basic ideas contained in Simone Weil's works. Because of the extensiveness and complexity of her work, I will be using her words exactly, as often as

  • Analysis Of Leslie Bricusse's 'Feeling Good'

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    notable artists. Among them are Nina Simone and Avicii featuring the vocals of Audra Mae. The song originates from a scene in the musical sung by the character “The Negro” after he wins the game [of life] in spite of the abuse and racism he experiences at the hands of the musical’s main characters. In the same year of its Broadway premiere, Nina Simone recorded her own version of the song for her album I Put a Spell on You. Simone’s iconic rendition

  • The Importance Of Animals In Agony

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    Animals are pretty chill. They do a lot for us too, dogs help police sniff out illegal drugs, sea lions are monitoring climate change in the ocean and bees help grow our planet. Dogs have a sense of smell that is 1000 times stronger than the average human. Which is like woah. With their strong sense of smell, detection dogs are used to help find drugs, contraband, blood, etc. which helps the police keep us safe. Sea lions that are trained to monitor the ocean have sensors attached to their fur

  • Argumentative Essay: Should Zoos Be Illegal?

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    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” -Albert Einstein. Thousands of people are in the debate if zoos should be legal. Zoos must not be legal because the animals can get an illness from being in captivity and get hurt or mistreated by the owners and workers. Zoos must not be legal because captivity drives the animals to get an illness called zoochosis. Humans and animals are very much alike. Zoochosis happens because animals

  • Racial Tension Among The Black And White Societies

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    Recently in class we observed the controversial film A Raisin in the Sun which initially was a play written by Lorraine Hansberry in the late 1950s. Lorraine was the youngest of her siblings and grew up in rural Chicago back during the era of segregation. It was evident that her hard trials growing up directly correlated with this film as the setting of the plot occurred in her hometown, Chicago, right before the Civil Rights Movement began. This explicit film vividly conveyed many important issues

  • Analysis Of Kanye West 's Yeezus Album

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    song called Strange Fruit sung by Nina Simone which is a very political song talking about gruesome lynchings that happened before and at the turn of the century. With help from the sample, West uses the pain of lynching and drug abuse to compare with the break ups he goes through. The instrumental of the song starts off very slow at the beginning we can hear a piano in the background that slowly begins to play. Over this soft piano sound we hear Nina Simone break through. She sets us up with an

  • Why Art Has Three Main Purposes

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    I believe art has three main purposes. One, to educate. two, to understand, and three, to amaze. Let me explain myself more thoroughly. We want individuals to be educated from the art they see in a museum. Educated about the culture, meaning and purpose that certain art pieces served to a community way back when the piece was created. Also, we want the viewer of the piece of art want to know more about it. To understand why the piece was made out of certain materials, how those materials were obtained

  • The, Pastel Blues, By Nina Simone

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    singing. From there she never stopped singing. As her fame grew in pop music she became more depressed. Later in her life she discovered she was riddled with mental illness. Manic depression being one of these illness. Nina Simone was a troubled woman but she was a gifted one. Simone was often looked at as difficult while others would say she was just extremely honest. She was a very controversial character in history along being a strong political figure. She was one of the well known civil rights activist