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  • Essay On Emos

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    On a Gloomy day, There was a boy who was walking to school, He had his black hoodie on, with his slagging bag, Dragging his feet to his destination, I noticed some red lines on his wrist. Now what I just saw was an example of an Emo Emo Now emos are people who are usually constantly depressed and sad, they Are ridiculed by society unless they are famous. Depressed emos do usually cut, they believe it's the only way to kill pain with pain And they usually don't want to get noticed by random people

  • Descriptive Essay About Thanksgiving

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    It 's a tradition that my moms side of the family come to my grandmas house for Thanksgiving. The cool air and falling leaves is a sign of fall and Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. I don’t like my cousins very much and I 'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Thanksgiving is not that cheerful for me. Years ago at Thanksgiving, I was not excited for it, just like every other year. My grandmas basement is very much underground and quite dark without the lights on. My cousins were running around

  • Descriptive Essay On A Midnight Forest

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    I’m laying down in grass and snow, in the middle of Midnight Forest. Judging by the beams of moonlight coming in through the trees, it must be around midnight. I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but I have a feeling of uncertainty. “Saige.” I hear a whisper from behind me. I whip around, and my eyes scan what I thought was an empty forest. I shake my head and stand up, snowflakes floating off of my winter coat and skirt. I see my breath in the air, and it mesmerizes me for a second. A big clump

  • A Short Story : The Story Of St. Vincent's Life

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    The only thing I can see outside is the bright lighting. Trees sway but not in a peaceful way. The rain comes down at a swift angle then the water curves hitting the window. The tornado siren goes off.“ This is not a drill ! Everyone please stay calm . Everyone gather your items and please follow me to the basement.” The nurse says in a reassuring voice.” Ring! Ring! Ring! I get up out of my chair just for the teacher to be blocking the door. “I dismiss you not the bell!” she says. 30 seconds later

  • STI Infection

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    people do not seek treatment for STIs, because they are simply unaware of the infection. Unaware in the sense of not knowing what a STI is, and how dangerous it could become if it is undetected. Numerous of individuals are uneducated on the issue or have very little knowledge about it. There is a massive amount of individuals that are unfamiliar with the different forms of a STI, and how it is transmitted. Others are simply frightened, mortified, and or very nonchalant about the issue entirely. I believe

  • Why Did Odysseus Change With Telemachus

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    Homer’s first four books of the epic poem The Odyssey, translated by Robert Fagles, introduces a seemingly weak boy struggling with his identity, who goes on a journey to find his missing father. During his 20 year absence, the legendary Greek king of Ithaca, Odysseus, is absent in parenting his son Telemachus. Telemachus is deeply affected by his fatherless upbringing, and thus suitors take advantage of Odysseus’s absence, infesting Odysseus’ home, eating away his legacy, while attempting to steal

  • Lila Dialectical Journal

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    the ceiling thinking over the events of the evening. The more she recalled, the more she was mortified for acting like a love sick, slobbering idiot in front of not only the most beautiful man she’d ever met, but he was her best friends cousin of all things! Lila groaned, burying her head into her pillow. She tried to console herself by thinking she would never see him again. She could avoid him by simply not going back there. It wouldn’t be too difficult to do. She would never have the guts to venture

  • Project-Based Assessment Research Paper

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    How many times have you dreaded when the teacher assigns you a project-based assessment, especially when it is a large portion of your grade? It is just a useless activity, no learning involved, right? Although these assignments can be stressful burdens, they can be learning opportunities, too. They can also express one's unique creativity and help participation grades. Most of all, however, project-based assessments can provoke learning. All of them are unique. Each time the day comes during which

  • Personal Narrative-Discovery

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    this, tell my family, my friends, but I could not physically get the words out of my mouth. Even simply writing the words just now took some considerable willpower. It is not that I was afraid that my family would be angry, or that they wouldn’t understand. I was simply afraid of changing things. I knew that once I told even a single person, this whole thing would be real. It wouldn’t just be

  • Obligatory Military Administration In The United States

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    Regardless of the capabilities of a few people, we ought to have obligatory military administration, since it makes a more grounded country and unite us to join with each other. This will be a methodology to construct an extensive and effective military prepared for battle in the seasons of when war happens and is expected to ensure the states. This dubious subject had been raised against on religious and political financial aspects. The great or masters of this subject are exceedingly separated