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  • Mutli-Agent Based Modeling

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    Multi Agent System in engineering and technology. The Agent Based System is gradually replacing the micro-simulation techniques and object-oriented simulation. Agent Based System has ability to capture different dynamic models which usually consist of simple entities or more complex entities. We have proposed a specific agent-based methodological framework allowing, from modeling to simulation, the production of observables at different levels of details related to a Natural Disaster organization

  • What I Have Majored And Systems Engineering ( Ise ) For One And A Half Years At Virginia Tech

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    Personal Statement I have majored in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) for one and a half years at Virginia Tech. My passion for ISE originated from my undergraduate studies. I achieved GPA 91/100 and ranked 1/66 when I graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), one of China 's top 3 universities offering the Industrial Engineering program. When I got into NUAA, I entered an Honors Program, which offers students a chance to choose their majors according to academic

  • Case Study Of Vanguard Software Corporation : Forecasting, Decision Support And Planning

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    collaboration to all facets of business modelling and quantitative management Business Analytics Suite: Designed for professional business models, Vanguard 's Business Analytics Suite merges Decision Analysis, Time-series Forecasting, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Optimization into an integrated package. The Vanguard Business Analytics Suite provides the greatest level of analytics capability among single-user desktop applications. Knowledge Automation System: Provides high-volume processing and

  • Simulation And Poverty Simulation

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    both poverty simulations, I was optimistic that I would be able to manage leisure, work, and family time. That was not the case. In each simulation, I was bombarded with decisions that forced me to make concessions. As part of the international simulation, I learned the importance of time management in regards to poverty. After the domestic simulation, I experienced the immediate effects of each decision I made on my pocketbook and wellbeing. Firstly, in the international simulation, I faced decisions

  • Technolgy and Pilot's Training

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    Flight Simulator is a great example of technology device that plays important part in pilot's training. I chose Flight Simulator because it is a good topic to be focused on. Firstly, flight simulator is a high-technology machine designed to look like a cockpit of an aircraft, it has computer-generated images that shows the pilot's view, the same environment as a real plane has. It has powerful structure with mechanisms that move the device in various condition. Just key in the condition you want

  • Designing A Representative Model Of Real World Environments

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    Most of the previous types of simulations and simulators referenced evaluating methods and effective practices. In the distant past technological advancement in the form of medical training mannequins or board games were the bulk of technology based simulators. With the growth of the computer industry, we are naturally increasing our use of computerized technology. Simulation is absolutely no exception to this. Computer simulations have become one of the greatest and most common ways of creating

  • Review of the Relevant Literature and Industry Specific Barriers

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    Background and Significance Simulation was initially used by the airlines and military personnel for training purposes. The first ground-based flight simulator, named the Link trainer, was invented in 1929 by Ed Link (Nickerson & Pollard, 2010). Edwin Albert Link can be said to be the pioneer of simulation implementation. He is most remembered for inventing the flight simulator, which was then commercialized in 1929

  • Statewide Corporation

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    I. Background: Statewide Development Corporation has built a very large apartment complex in Gainesville, Florida. As part of the student-oriented marketing strategy that has been developed, it is stated that if any problem with plumbing or air conditioning are experienced, a maintenance personnel will begin working on the problem within one hour. If a tenant must wait must more than one (1) hour for the repair person to arrive, a $10 deduction from the monthly rent will be made for each additional

  • Essay On Engineering Service Systems

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    LCurrent technology-driven innovations in service systems tend to take the human server out of the loop. That being the case, the substitution of human labor will potentially affect the United States and other developed economies most, as the service sector in these countries is responsible for the majority of employment. To improve this outlook, effective ways of integrating humans with engineered service systems is needed. Instead of replacing human workers with machines, one could think of an

  • Simulation

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    In the marketplace business fundamentals simulation, I was asked to create a company that sells computers with specified components in which a certain target market requested. I created a company named MEGA Intel Computers and my target market was the Workhorse and Mercedes segments. During the first quarter, I was required to decide on corporate responsibilities, review market research, design two brands (MEGA One and MEGA Two), establish corporate and strategic goals, and open a sales office,