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  • Evaluation Of A Simulation Which Demonstrates How ' Lowering The River Can Reveal The Rocks '

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    1. Problem Statement The purpose of this research is to develop and test a simulation which demonstrates how ‘lowering the river can reveal the rocks’, i.e. how systematically reducing buffers in a process can lead to discovery of its scope for improvement. Opportunities of improvement always exist in complex processes like the ones that occur in the construction industry. Yet, they are not acted upon because they are not always discovered. Taiichi Ohno had a solution for this, which was to “lower

  • Marketing Simulation : Target Market, 4p's Of Marketing, Performance Metrics And Research Data

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    The marketing simulation allows us to develop a solid knowledge in the field of marketing. It helped to implement the marketing strategy in a lifelike environment and enhance our skills. We were able to implement all aspects of the marketing strategy including target market, product design, pricing, marketing communication mix, media selection, promotion, and place. Throughout the simulation, all 4ps marketing elements have been developed. The aim of this paper is to cover how each area of the

  • Effectiveness Of Experiential Learning Using The Workshop Activity For Gender Equity Simulation

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    In the workplace, often sexism takes place and arises many issues. This article discusses “the effectiveness of experiential learning using the Workshop Activity for Gender Equity Simulation – Academic version (WAGES-Academic) to deliver gender inequity information” (Zawadzki, Danube, & Shields, 2012, P.605). Researchers formed a quantitative study by comparing the “WAGES-Academic to an Information Only condition (knowledge without experiential learning) and a Group Activity control condition” (Zawadzki

  • Marketplace Live Business Simulations On Real Life Business And Marketing Environments

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    Introduction Marketplace live business Simulations is an educating game focusing on real life business and marketing environments. The game allows students to implement their own business ideas and strategies allowing for them to experience consequences or positive outcomes that follow their decisions. This manual outlines the business ideas and changes that Prestige PC’s made while selling their products globally to compete with their major competitors. The main competition that Prestige PC’s

  • The Use of Simulation in Speaking Skill Development of Third-Year Students at Fast-Track Program

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    The use of simulation in speaking skill development of third-year students at Fast-track program, FELTE, ULIS-VNU 1. The research’s problem statement, background and the rationale Along with the huge demand of good communication skill in English, the traditional teaching methods focusing much on grammar and vocabulary were gradually substituted by the appearance of a novel one named Communicative Language Teaching. This method aims at enhancing learners’ “communicative competence” which requires

  • Analysis Of Everest Team Simulation, Simulated A Team Climbing The Treacherous And Precarious Mt Everest

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    of Everest Simulation Section One The Everest Team Simulation, simulated a team climbing the treacherous and precarious Mt Everest. Through the course of the simulation six key decision sets were required to be completed and documented fully. Over the duration of the simulation a variety of problems/issues were additionally encountered, addressed and documented. For the period of the Simulation the role of photographer was played by myself Olivia Fabbro. The Everest Team Simulation team as a whole

  • Applying Dependency Structure Matrix and Monte Carlo Simulation to Predict Change in Construction Project

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    APPLYING DEPENDENCY STRUCTURE MATRIX AND MONTE CARLO SIMULATION TO PREDICT CHANGE IN CONSTRUCTION PROJECT ZHEN-YU ZHAO, QIAN-LEI LV, WEI-YANG YOU School of Business Administration, North China Electric Power Univ., Beijing 102206,China E-MAIL:,, Abstract: Change management is an important aspect in construction project management, as changes constitute the main cause of schedule delay, cost overrun and other distributions. Many change

  • Computer Simulation Software Based On Over The Counter ( Otc ) Cold Medicine Industry Essay

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    Report PharmaSim is computer simulation software based on over-the-counter (OTC) cold medicine industry. It offers students interesting and different formats in which to learn about marketing. The purpose of this exercise, for Team D, is to learn about marketing management and decision making in a dynamic and highly competitive (saturated) business environment in which students are tasked with making critical marketing decisions over a 7 year period; the PharmaSim simulation program consisted of different

  • The Use Of Simulation As A Method Of Effectively Transfer Learning Into Competencies, Building Teamwork And Basic Organizational Skills

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    This study validated the use of simulation as a method of effectively transfer learning into competencies, building teamwork and basic organizational skills. Limitations to this study is the small sample size, evaluation tool, and no evaluation of participants experiences of past simulation exposure. The literature review stated that the use of up to fifty percent as a clinical experience had no impact on NCLEX-RN past rates. Therefore this study could be used by educators as evidence for future

  • Swot Analysis Of Celanese And 2003 M & A Deal Simulation That Occurs Between Blackstone And Celanese

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    Finance Simulation Case Study: Celanese This case study is a 2003 M&A deal simulation that occurs between Blackstone and Celanese. This is case presents the concerns of the Celanese and its side of the view of the deal. Celanese Introduction Celanese is involved in the commodity based Chemical Manufacturing business with most of its end-users consisting of Housing, agricultural and Automobiles markets. Therefore, it primarily operates in Industrial Chemical Industry that is highly impacted by the