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  • Tomaselli's Simulation

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    ‘shaking paper cups’ and ‘vice-constellation map’, but beside a fresh experience provided by new media materials, what else could stay in audiences’ mind after they left the exhibition? How could it be meaningful more than just a smart translation/simulation of an interesting idea/personal profile? In conventional art context, other artists would also be impressed by how profound some artworks could be even if they know technically how to make it happen as well. But in new media field, those kind of

  • Business Simulation

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    What have you learned Business simulation is simulation used for business training or analysis. Most business simulations are used for business acumen training and development. Learning objectives include: strategic thinking, financial analysis, market analysis, operations, teamwork and leadership. The business gaming community seems lately to have adopted the term business simulation game instead of just gaming or just simulation. The word simulation is sometimes considered too mechanistic for

  • Digby Simulation

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    All of our departments worked together towards our company goals. Although we were not the most profitable company in the market, we feel we had several areas of success in the simulation overall. Starting in the 2nd round our market share began to increase rapidly, showing impressive market control in the 3rd round and onward. As discussed previously, we feel this showed that we were succeeding in our bid to meet market demands. We also never suffered from a cash deficit or emergency loan, and showed

  • Everest Simulation

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    Leadership and Teamwork A Reflective Report on the Everest Simulation The Everest simulation used the dramatic context of a Mount Everest expedition as related to management concepts exploring the role of leadership, effective communication, and team work to achieve success. The simulation required students to work in cohesive teams consisting of five members, where each individual was assigned a specific role and a goal. The roles included the team leader, physician, environmentalist, photographer

  • Technical Support For Emerging Meat Industry Technology

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    Background Carne Technology was formed in 2004 the main function of this industry is to provide technical support to emerging meat industry technology. The word Carne is a derived from Latin word which means meat. Carne technologies initial focus was on the applying the technology on beef and lamb later the technology was applied to venison, pork, goat and poultry. It has expanded in the year 2006 by having research and development laboratories, due to its progress they have further expanded the

  • The Goal Of The Simulation

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    STD # 1566303 The goal of the simulation was to use appropriate change levers to persuade a critical mass of Spectrum Sunglass employees to adopt a new initiative. My scenario was a CEO trying to convince critical mass that a change in the organization’s strategy and products was essential. Sustainable development for business and linking the themes of sustainability and innovation was critical to the company’s future. It was a low urgency situation with the CEO trying to be proactive and to stay

  • HBP Simulation

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    HBP management simulation Analysing cause and effect relationship Team attributes: The team morale (TM) and stress level (SL) seem to be caused by common parameters. Their correlation is first positive and then becomes negative. The turning point is at the SL 1.2 approximately. The effects of positive and negative stress explain this relation, respectively. A SL below 0.9 is low, indicating the team is bored and is linked to low TM, which reflects an absence of challenge. Here, an increase

  • Simulation Analysis

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    After eight rounds of simulation, we concluded that the introduction of new products across the segments was a necessity that could not be ignored if we were to remain competitive in this particular high tech market. Our competitors introduced products early on and such introduction took their tolls early on; our team was able to capitalized on these activities by making the necessary adjustments to the current product line in order for our competitor to successfully introduce the new products to

  • Simulation Report

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    ------------------------------------------------- SIMULATION REPORT The objective of the project was to trade on a Market Simulation “STOCK TRACK”, from 2/13 to 4/20. We were supposed to try to trade different types of instruments in order to gain more knowledge about they are trade in the real world; and how a strategy which seems good can be overturned by the market circumstances. During this period as a conservative, I tried to trade less risky instruments. The qualities that I used to

  • Strategy Simulation

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    Simulation Strategy Summary (Team A) Introduction This report illustrates an analysis of the strategy our team is about to follow, and the success measures we had chosen to reflect our strategy, with exhaustive explanation of the reasons to choose such a strategy and success measures. We will then give an implementation planning concerning four basic domains within the simulation to get a better idea of how the strategy functions. Strategy Our team will adopt a Niche Differentiation strategy that