Singapore Armed Forces

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  • Singapore Armed Force And Manpower Using The Defense Technology

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    Introduction: Singapore Armed force is the military arm of the Total defense of the republic of Singapore and acts as the military component of the Ministry of defense. It comprises of three services like Republic of Singapore navy, the Singapore army and the Republic of Singapore Airforce. Recently, the technology advancement in Singapore armed force plays a significant role in all the services. There may have some challenges and opportunities of using technology for the Singapore Armed forces. Singapore

  • What Leadership Means, and Why It Matters in the Singapore Armed Forces

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    The SAF defines Leadership as “a process of influencing people to accomplish the mission, inspiring their commitment, and improving the organisation”1. Leadership is a process of influencing others to follow a given direction and it involves three components: the leader, the follower and the outcome. To me, leadership is about the 3Rs – Reason, Responsibility and Respect. Reason – the leader should first has clarity and know the purpose of the outcome. Only then is he able to communicate this

  • Roles Of Women In Ww1 Research Paper

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    The mass mobilisation of an armed force, which after such a devastating Great War and many defeats for Britain needed more strength in numbers looked at women to join the armed forces during the Second World War. At the peak of women’s involvement in the armed forces, 2% of women in the United Kingdom were in the military. At the beginning of the war, the British government created the Auxiliary Territorial Service, putting women in volunteer non-combatant roles. Mostly clerical, to allow men to

  • Democratization Of The Southeast Asia Region

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    1. Introduction The Southeast Asia region, especially in the late 1980s and the late 2000s, was widely viewed as a model of democratization in the developing world. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines were all ranked as “partly free” or “free” by Freedom House. Countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar had also taken great steps forward in terms of democracy during this period. However, lately democracy in the region proved to be more fragile. Thailand, as a case in point,

  • Embedded Journalism

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    EMBEDDED JOURNALISM 1. In the realm of media-military relations, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) has become synonymous with the concept of ‘embedding’. The Pentagon defines ‘embed’ “as a media representative remaining with a unit on an extended basis”[i] and OIF represents the single greatest instance of embedding. The Pentagon offered 920 embed spots, and, from 775 acceptances, eventually managed about 600 positions from more than 250 national and international media agencies[ii]. The British Ministry

  • Customs and Courtesies in the Army

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    The Army in an extremely nostalgic organization with a copious amount traditions and has about a million different methods of conducting its business. Some are old and some are new, but possibly the oldest one that has been around since before the Army was officially established and still lives today is the Armys rules, regulations and policies on customs and courtesies. In this form of a remedial block of instruction given to me by my team leader, due to certain circumstances I am to explain the

  • Appointed Place of Duty Essay

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    It is always important to be where you are supposed to be. In the Army, every leader stresses the fact on being on time or being at the right place or being in the right uniform. So if you have to ask yourself is it important to be where you are told to be? I think most Soldiers and Leaders will tell you that is very important. It is my responsibility to be where I am supposed to. It is all about accountability. You have to keep track of your Soldiers. It is your responsibility and your leader's

  • Essay on The Importance of Following Orders

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    The importance of following orders in a time of war. 1. Team member 2. Discipline 3. Causalities Conclusion: Following Orders in the Armed Services in a Time of War By: Pv2 Beasley Imagine being in an authoritative position in a war. Sounds cool right? Now imagine if your subordinates didn’t follow the orders you put out to them

  • Trust in Military Essay

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    security awareness increases when the military is present. When every soldier takes his oath to the Constitution, we as soldiers accepted the responsibility to protect and serve the people. The United States entrusts soldiers with the power to use deadly force while respecting the sanctity of life at the same time. Most people do not comprehend how vital trust is; it is at the same level as faith. The absence of trust puts personal lives and jobs at risk. The Military places trust in the civilian population

  • Is Humanitarian Military Intervention ( Hmi ) Legitimate?

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    prohibited by international law and convention. Humanitarian military intervention is often understood to constitute a noteworthy application of Just War Theory, and, on many accounts represents an exception to the prohibition on the use of military force in international relations. Within the Just War tradition, humanitarian intervention is distinguished from wars of conquest by its humanitarian aims, and from humanitarian assistance by virtue of forcefully violating state sovereignty.” This definition