Sinners Like Me

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  • Narrative Essay : What's The Matter With You?

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    way back up her throat. She slid down the length of the dingy pink wall and let the little white stick clatter against the chipped tile. Outside, Jennifer heard the apartment door open with a bang and her roommate call out to her. “Yo Jenny, come help me with these groceries.” She stared at her reflection in the mirror over the sink as she stood up, checking for any telltale signs of crying in her makeup and brushing her hand across the XV3 tattoo right below her left collarbone. She scooped up the

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Roe would always return home in a grumpy manner. “Whats wrong?” His mom would ask. “Everything!” Roe shouted back, throwing his black backpack onto the wooden tile. “What happened this time?” She questioned. “Everyday these stupid bullies laugh at me! They point and stare and it’s starting to get on my nerves!’ “Why don’t you ask them to stop? I’m sure they would if you just asked politely.” She suggested, pulling a strand of hair out of her face and behind her ear. “Ask politely?” Roe’s dad laughed

  • Finding True Love

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    and talk to him. The more Lacy learned about Parker the more she realized how similar they were. She stood in the doorway thinking about how perfect they are for each other, and wishing he would wake up and feel the same way about her. “Ummm excuse me! Can I help you?” An all too familiar voice came from Parkers room. A young woman with a tiny upturned nose and long bleach blonde hair sat in the corner of the room staring at Lacy waiting for a reply. “Oh, um, I’m sorry” Lacy stammered “I am here

  • Karzan Soundtrack

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    The Tarzan soundtrack stands out from the rest of the Disney line-up as it was the first Disney soundtrack to be recorded in multiple languages. It has won both an oscar and grammy. This is due to Phil Colins’ influence on the music and his creation of original songs that shape the world of Tarzan. The reason the sound in Tarzan works so well is because it’s harmonious with the story being presented to the audience. Besides setting the scene with background noise, it helps the audience to understand

  • Literary Analysis Of ' Black Like Me '

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    University Of South Florida A Literary Analysis of “Black Like Me” Raed Margushi Academic Preparation Lisana Mohamed 4th of December, 2015 A Literary Analysis of “Black Like Me” John Howard Griffin was a writer who wanted to write about the truth. In dealing with the racial discrimination problems in the United States, Griffin wanted to write about the realities of the situation. However, he was a white man. He empathized with the black people and wanted equality for them as

  • A Cold Child Research Paper

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    usually given the task to live up to their expectations. With the exception of giving you the amount of pressure no one can handle, especially for a 16-year old girl like me. Then, you have a mom that pretty much controls your whole life and is almost everywhere you go, which is technically a helicopter parent I guess you could say. It's like you’re trapped in your own little world by your own mom and there is no chance of you getting out. I, Bethany Johnson, have experienced the harsh, cold reality of

  • Descriptive Essay On My House

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    irritable voice comes through my door. “I’ll be down in a minute.” My voice comes out quiet and hoarse, making it sound like I need a large glass of water. I open my closet doors and scan over the contents before picking out a pair of boots, a white, chunky sweater, a black scarf, and some thick jeans. With a click, my door unlocks and swings open to reveal the bathroom door in front of me. The cold hardwood floor makes my feet tingle whilst I cross into the even colder bathroom. Although the room is cold

  • My New Life

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    house. He wore a black business ledger jacket along with a blue tie and he smiled in a very strange way. He then says “your father is not really dead boy, you only wish”? That statement sent a jolt of frustration down my throat. A random man telling me that my father is not really dead and that you only wish. I then started walking towards the man and the man then says I will see you around Rajan and goes inside his house while I pick up my speed and start running towards the door and said in a heat

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Of The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    -Flashback- "Come on Madison lets go play" Nathan smiled pulling me up from the couch. I sighed and followed him outside to where the other pack kids were playing. Cameron looked over and smiled running over to Nathan and I. "You guys want to play catch with me and the guys?" Nathan grinned and nodded dragging me along. "Ok so let 's pick team captains." One of Cameron 's friends happily volunteered along with Cameron and they proceeded picking people to be on their teams

  • Personal Narrative : New World Together

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    let him get settled and not be so lost in the “new world”. As I walked outside with my dog, Lucky, to get the mail, I still saw the refugee outside. I changed my mind and decided to go introduce myself. Should I expect a reply? Was he going to look at me and walk away or would we shake hands? I did not know anything about the Syrians. Was he going to even know what I was saying? My thought was, I’m going to hope for the best! I walked up to introduce myself. “Hello, my name is Bryce Carter and I am