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  • Sinterklaas Research Paper

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    merry and magical. The American name of Santa Claus, derived from the European name of Sinterklaas; is portrayed as an older, more serious historical character. Dutch tradition says that Sinterklaas lives in Spain and that on the second Saturday of November he begins his journey to the Netherlands with several assistants; each one known as Zwarte Piet (literal translation is Black Pete). Sinterklaas, with his long white beard, dressed in a red robe, wearing a Bishop’s hat and carrying a staff

  • Modern Mythology

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    Modern Mythology Not all mythology comes from ancient cultures. People all around the world continue to create new myths and rework existing ones. Modern technology such as movies, publishing, telecommunications, and the internet allow folktales, rumors, and myths to travel faster around the world. A feature of some modern legends is that they originated as artistic creations. Modern legends offer images of the best and worspect aspects of mankind. Modern myths suggest that good behavior can be

  • Theme Of God In The Doorway By Annie Dillard

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    God! A figure of love and forgiveness to many, a figure of fear to others. Pulitzer Prize winning essayist Annie Dillard illustrates the differences and similarities on how one feels about God in her essays “On a Hill Far Away” and “God in the Doorway”. Dillard explores children’s fear of God by comparing her portrayal of herself with the child on the hill, using common motifs, symbols, and differences of tone to contrast the two reactions. With the reverence of God also comes the fear of the almighty

  • Santa Clause Argument

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    Once the leaves begin to alter their color for the winter, most houses and businesses also change their appearance for the winter. Many families drag out their boxes of red and green to decorate their house for the holidays. Parents may brave a line stretching down the mall so their child can tell Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, what he or she wishes to unwrap on Christmas morning. Some parents question the effect of a child’s health or morals associated with the belief in Santa Claus, but, with

  • Christmas Traditions In America

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    Where did Santa clause come from? He was a man that gave presents to the poor. He was based on a Saint Nichols of Myra. He was a Dutch saint known as Sinterklaas. Originally coming from modern day Turkey. He can be traced back hundreds of years. Santa Claus started out as a monk known as St. Nicholas. Sinterklaas was a man that cared about everyone. Especially the sick and poor not just kid’s adults as well. St. Nichols has many stories about him; one is where he saves three

  • All Halloween Research Paper

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    Three weeks after our arrival in California, a group of children knocked at our front door at twilight, dressed in strange costumes. When Aunt Lis opened the door, they chimed “Trick or treat!”and she gave them each a handful of candy. Just as the group cheered in appreciation while they left our house, another group of kids showed up for a repeat of the same. “What in the world was going on?” we asked. Noke and Lis quickly explained that it was Halloween; an annual tradition celebrated on

  • If I Might Survived Ww2 Analysis

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    After the war, we found out that my sister had died. Therefore, she often tried to make them feel better, and be somewhat a replacement for her sister, but it was impossible. Everything changed, nothing was allowed anymore, no more parties, no more Sinterklaas. Jack Eljon was the third survivor we interviewed. Jack’s parents and him went into hiding when he was three years old. They went to his aunt and uncle’s house. One day, when he was down on the beach, playing in the sand, a German soldier had his

  • Redeeming Santa Claus

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    Santa Claus, is known by many names: Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle and simply "Santa". He is a figure that has been influenced by legend, myth, folklore and most importantly for our purposes today. He wears red, is pulled around on a sleigh by a bunch of reindeer and delivers presents to good children on the 24th of December. The purpose of my post is not to argue about whether or not to teach kids about the full on mythical father Christmas; personally I think it is a bad idea to

  • Great Grandmothers : My Great-Grandmother

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    Vrolijk Kerstfeest, that’s Merry Christmas in Dutch! Mijn naam Sarah. Ik woon in Osceola, Indiana en ik woon de Queen of Peace Catholic School Bij. Ik zit in de achste klas ik schrif een onderzoeksrapport over mijn familie-erfgoed. Ik hoop dat je het leuk vindt om het te lezen. My great-grandmother from my dad’s side of the family came from Belgium. Making me about 5% Belgian. My Great-Grandmother’s name was Elsie J. Buyle. She was born on February 16, 1909 in Stekene, Belgium. She only stayed

  • Santa Claus

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    The Beginnings of Santa Claus The evolution of the figure known as Santa Claus can be traced through religious, mythological, and cultural portrayals all the way back to the fourth century. It is amazing how the legend of Santa Claus has grown and evolved throughout history. And even more exciting how he has became a modern day icon during the Christmas season. What do you think of when you hear the words: strings of lights, carolers, snow, cookies and milk? Most often Christmas right? More often