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  • Recording The Oratorio Song Of The Forests

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    Prior to composing the oratorio Song of the Forests op. 81 in 1948, Shostakovich composed the film music Michurin that was about the life of horticulturist Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin (1855-1935). The film music encouraged Shostakovich to compose another work based on the same rural theme. Below is his statement during the aired interview in 1955 that confirms it: “My work in cinematography has proven beneficial for my activity as a composer. Indeed, a number of my compositions are a direct outcome

  • How To Switch Roles In Johann Sebastian Bach

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    The sixteenth notes in the red box acts as a junction into having the two soloists switch roles and gives the intro to the second theme a lot of suspended and anticipated notes in the sequence. Moreover, the blue box in figure 7.1 represents the exact same lyrical line in figure 5.2 except this time the roles are now switched; the first violin solo showcase the moving sixteenth notes first, followed by a group of eighth notes with the second violin solo, then the second violin solo repeats the sixteenth

  • Dorothy Parkera Poem Analysis

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    depressed. Therefore I made the tone of my melody very dark and not inspiring to reflect the personality of the poem. In each subsequent bar I decrease the initial note down by a note to represent how the author believes that there is no reason or motivation for living life. It is seen in each bar that I begin an upward trend with each initial note but towards the end of each bar I placed a chord that sounds like it is disrupting the flow of progress and motivation. I see pessimism as a dangerous entity

  • My Life - Original Writing

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    telling us that we are set to arrive in five minutes. I quickly start thinking about what to get, rushed by this new deadline. Then, it hits me. I know exactly what I’m going to get. I want a bass clef, which is the clef where lower notes are written, followed by a sixteenth note to represent the low

  • College Vs. High School

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    gleams success, regardless how simple catching back up by finding a friend and their notes may seem. Overthinking it, fabricating excuses, and debating reveal a descent into the pits; just go. You will ameliorate learning since your brain stores what you hear and correlates that to the image of your notes; the process of active learning. Honestly, where else can you learn the material this effectively? With note taking in mind, we explore what Rachael, Daigle, and Rachael, tell us that paraphrasing

  • The Only Reason I Asked Is That I Think It'S Neat That

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    The only reason I asked is that I think it 's neat that you worked with him on the Christmas film and now you 're both on When Calls the Heart. Yes, Paul 's so wonderful. He 's really a fun guy. He keeps things super light-hearted on set. He 's always telling jokes. And it 's really funny because when we are on the set of A Wish for Christmas, I was mentioning to him that he should ask his agent to get him up for When Calls the Heart. I thought he 's be so perfect on the show. And he was like, "I

  • Analysis Of The Mazurkas

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    These short compositions are interesting in nature and have the strong tendency to reveal deep feelings and pathos in the listeners even if they are very condensed. The piece starts with an accent on the third beat. The left hand has a staccato note on the first strong beat and an accent on the last third beat. It is arguable whether such a pattern applies to the right hand as well, but most likely it does, since the right hand also has the accompanying layer added specifically to the second and

  • Personal Narrative-When Calls The Heart

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    This season on “When Calls the Heart” has been a fantastic time of growth in the community, and many of the featured new faces have been the children of Hope Valley. Yet again, Hearties were introduced to a character named Robert who didn’t get along with Cody in the beginning, but Miss Thatcher never gave up on him. With his signature curly hair and spot on facial expressions, we have not been able to overlook this character nor the boy who has infused him with life, Jaiven Natt. Recently, I had

  • Evaluation of Books on String Theory

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    introduced and the student is instructed to play pizzicato on the open strings. Learning to play pizzicato is much more effective than immediately playing with the bow as in the other two books. The note names are inscribed in the note heads to help the student associate the location of the notes on the staff as well as learn the names. The wonderful finger pattern is then introduced to teach E, F#, and G on the D string. The pattern is illustrated as well as described. The book then uses an

  • How Will I Be Successful For College?

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    classes, effective note taking, and time management. Firstly, attending classes is priority, and essential since lectures tend to discuss plenty of material in a short period of time. For example, in my psychology class which is three hours, once a week, we review about three chapters each class, then in next week’s class we start on the following set of chapters, then a test is assigned the proceeding week. Along with reviewing the chapters we get handouts, and in the class notes that are not incorporated