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  • Halloween Informative Speech

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    Halloween. A holiday of spooky, scary, skeletons and a bunch of memes. It’s basically a holiday where you can go outside in cosplay and get free candy for it, provided that you aren’t busy to the point where you go home at about 6:00 PM and have to last-minute cancel your plans because of homework. (I’m still salty about that.) Regardless, Halloween has made its way to be one of my most favourite holidays. Now, I know what you may be thinking. “But Joyce! What about Christmas? It was literally about

  • Forensic Criminology : Forensic Anthropology

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    they call a forensic Anthropology to finger out why this person die. When skeletonized remains are discovered, one needs to establish first if the bones are human. If so, the sex, race, age, stature, weight, and any pathology of the newly acquired skeleton must be established in order to make an identification of the remains, determine manner and cause of death and, if homicide, identify the murderer. According to forensic medicine”Forensic anthropologists are "bone detectives" who help police solve

  • The Life Of A Giant Tree

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    That’s a pretty dangerous and risky move.” “You know that I’m a human! Are you really a skeleton or does your kind have a different name? Do humans live down here? Are there other forms of life?” The words fly out of your mouth before you can even think about them. He looks at you carefully, as if you were a feral animal stalking its prey

  • Self Portrait : You Can 't Hold Me Back

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    hold me back Mixed Media 2017 My self-portrait is titled “You can 't hold me back”. It is a mixed media artwork. In this work, I am standing in a burst of green, going against the blues, pinks and purples around me. The left half of my face is a skeleton, while the right half is normal. My lungs are plain white, directly to the right, with words that represent what makes me happy, and a butterfly wing that represents freedom, and golden hands gently cupping them. Next to my lungs is my heart. It

  • Musculoskeletal Markers On The Shoulders

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    MUSCULOSKELETAL MARKERS ON THE SHOULDERS By: Dustin Shinkle ANTH 3420 University of Northern Iowa Fall 2016   Abstract The purpose of this paper is to better inform the readers what stress markers are and what they are able to tell an anthropologist about a person. The reason that this is important is that it can help identify specific traits of how the person lived their life and a potential understanding of their work. In reading this paper you will hopefully have a better understanding how sex

  • Essay about Anth Media Analysis

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    compromise the integrity of the evidence to “freshen them up.” Another huge issue I have with this episode is Angela’s ability to produce evidence from what appears to be nothing. Using minimal bones, she is able to digitally reproduce a full skeleton. In Figure 1, you can

  • Skeletal System Research Paper

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    The axial skeleton contains the main trunk of the body, such as the skin, spinal column, ribs, and breastbone. This section is crucial because it protects the brain and vital organs. The spinal column also provides support for the head and trunk. The appendicular skeleton forms all the extremities and is composed of the shoulder girdle, arm bones, pelvic girdle, and leg bones. The appendicular skeleton helps us with our movement and contributes to our walking

  • Trephining Research Paper

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    Trephining The oldest known surgical procedure is trephining (htt). This procedure is the removal of a piece of the skull bone. There are four different ways that trephining can be preformed. The four different methods include: rectangular, boring and cutting, scraping, and grooving (htt). During a rectangular trephining, the cuts are made with an obsidian, flint, a stone knife or and metal knife known as tumi. The skull is cut similar to a tic-tac-toe board, with the middle square is cut out

  • Periosteum

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    [13] Compact Bone/ Spongy Compact bones are also called cortical bone. Cortical bone is one of the two different bones found in the body. It is covered by periosteum and is lined with endosteum. These bones make up eighty percent of the human skeleton. The remainder is cancellous bone (spongy bone) it has a spongy appearance and is shaped like a cylinder. It is so hard that surgeons would have to use a saw to cut

  • Skull Or Cranium

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    The skull or cranium is the hard, bone case that contains and protects your brain. The skull looks as though it is a single bone. In fact, it is made up of 22 separate bones, cemented together along rigid joints called sutures. The dome on top is called the cranial vault and it is made from eight curved pieces of bone fused (joined) together. As well as the sinuses of the nose; the skull has four large cavities — the cranial cavity for the brain, the nasal cavity (the nose) and two orbits for the