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  • Ski Persuasive Speech

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    your wet body. PLOP! Wait you don’t know how to water ski? Let’s fix this I’ll teach you personally how to water ski so you will have few troubles. I promise you if you follow these steps you will be able to have a blast while getting your exercising in. One of the most important steps is to get the right equipment. You need to go to a place for water sports to get the best type. One of the main necessities you need is a boat I recommend a ski boat because it will have more force to help pull you

  • Skate Skis

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    The skate ski has a single camber. Compared to the classic ski the skate ski does not have a grip zone beneath the middle of the ski, but has a stiff camber. The entire base of the skate ski is a glide zone for the ski to move smoothly and continuously in snow. Because of the stiffness of the camber the skate ski has less flexibility than the classic ski. To determine the ski fit for skate skis it requires a different test than classic skis. If the skate skis does not have enough camber, then the

  • Trollhaugen Creative Writing

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    We continued to ski still having faith to find the long lost souls and after about ten minutes we happened to run into them at the top of the hill! Everyone was overjoyed and relieved to have found each other. We all concurred to go down a green circle for the benefit

  • Personal Narrative: The Wind

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    The wind slams into me, and I desperately grip my ice axes to keep from being ripped off the mountain face. I push my head against the snow, calm myself, and look down. Beneath my crampons is a 5,000-foot drop. It’s like looking down from the open door of an airplane. I am roped to my two companions, with nothing attaching us to the mountain. A fall here would send all three of us plummeting to our death. When the wind subsides, I pound an aluminum stake into the snow and clip the rope to it. It

  • Beginners: The Future Of Snow Skiing

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    been a fascination of mine to accomplish one day. From seeing the Olympic athletes expertly ski through the course, by being diligent and also agile. Hearing people talk about their experiences and memories on ski trips. It would be a great opportunity to go experience the thrill of trying something new. Beginners have to learn, the basic, stance and equipment, terminology of skiing, and getting told how to ski. Being a beginner has its challenges and learning opportunities that come with it. For skiing

  • Descriptive Essay : Kids ' Skis May Seem Little

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    Features:: Kids’ skis may seem little, but these winter sporting gadgets have massive features to look out for. When you see professional skiers seamlessly navigating their way down steep hills, it looks like fun, but there’s so much that goes into maneuverability, balance, and speed. The terrain also plays a critical role on the kind of ski you’re going to pick. Let’s look into some of the critical features in kid skis in more details: Height As a general rule of thumb, when a ski tail is on the

  • Frostbite: A Narrative Fiction

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    “I will die from the boredom of sitting on a ski lift alone.” Cory thought to himself. The slow ski lift goes right above a steep slope. It was silent except for the occasional sounds of skiers zooming past. Cold winds were pressed against his face and made him shiver. “It must be -7 degrees or lower,” Cory said to himself, against the blowing wind. His fingers were numb from the cold so he had to squeeze his hands into a ball. Finally, he reached the top of the mountain. In front of the lift operating

  • Moving Forward Research Paper

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    The brisk, cold mountain air wakes me up as I step outside in all of my ski gear. As I pack my stuff into the car, I do a mental checklist to make sure I have my skis, skins, my poles, and of course I can’t forget about the dog. It’s a nice windy, icy road to the trail head. I traverse up the mountain following my friend’s tracks. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” from the Disney movie, Nemo, plays in my head reminding me to just keep moving forward. Even if it is super hard sometimes,

  • Descriptive Essay On Skis

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    “Butterflies in your stomach, wind ripping at your coat, eyes closed, praying you don’t die as you point your skis down the mountain” says dad as he describes what our first day will be like while we travel the sixteen hour drive to Winter Park, Colorado. Most of this drive is dull, all we see is flat Kansas and its huge windmills, until we hit Denver. Then our eyes light up, hearts beat faster and we can’t breath as we gaze upon the mountain tops. We wind up those beautiful mountains, and our anticipation

  • Personal Narrative: When I Skied Down The Hills

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    One more time please?? Let’s make it a race down the hill!” I had said this phrase the last five times we skied down the hill, but since my dad couldn’t resist my “I am your only daughter and I really want to do it” face, he said okay. We rode the ski lift to the top and once we got off, he went to the the more advanced hill, and I stayed at the regular high hill. I only went to the little hills once, only because the rope that brings you back up was really hard to get on, and I kept falling off