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  • The Biomechanics Of A Skiing

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    assignment, the topic I would like to discuss is the biomechanics of a skiing. Skiing is one type of sports that has begun to increase in popularity. Athletes are always trying to discover ways to get stronger, faster, and higher with minimal injuries. Improving our biomechanics is one important way of improving your athletic performance, and limit injuries. However, there are many pros and cons within the biomechanics of skiing. I would like to learn more about leg alignment and form and how these

  • College Essay On Nordic Skiing

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    An interest, a hobby, or a lifestyle? Nordic skiing has put many tolls on my life. Through hard work and dedication; I have put myself in a position where not only would my application be incomplete without mentioning skiing, but my life would be unthinkable without it. To be a successful skier, there are many obstacles a person must overcome. Which all include an unimaginable prize to be won. Nordic skiing, also known as cross country skiing, has popularized over the previous decades. This sport

  • Descriptive Essay On Skiing

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    fog in the frosty air. “Go ahead, little trooper,” he finally said, reaching a decision. “But make sure to wait for us at the bottom, okay honey?” “Oh yeah!” I cheered, starting down the slopes. I was only in kindergarten, but I already knew that skiing was going to be one of my favorite sports. I liked every bit of it, how the fresh mountains and the green trees whiz past as you shred the slopes, and how great it feels to be at the top of the mountain, the sky seeming so close you could touch it

  • My Experience Of School Skiing

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    Extreme Sports Store. I was surprised that this wasn't a bigger deal! I had never been skiing before and it was clearly something that needed way more attention! It was very upsetting. But on the other side of the couch sat my dad, who would give me anything I ever desired. I’m spoiled by both my parents but he definitely spoils me more than my mother does, not to mention his constant enthusiastic support. “Skiing?! How exciting! You’ve never been right?” he exclaimed “Nope, never been!”“You’ll like

  • Beginners: The Future Of Snow Skiing

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    I have never had the opportunity to go snow skiing before. It has always been a fascination of mine to accomplish one day. From seeing the Olympic athletes expertly ski through the course, by being diligent and also agile. Hearing people talk about their experiences and memories on ski trips. It would be a great opportunity to go experience the thrill of trying something new. Beginners have to learn, the basic, stance and equipment, terminology of skiing, and getting told how to ski. Being a beginner

  • Descriptive Essay On Skiing

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    For my entire life as I knew it, I had been skiing. Ever since I was a little, chubby four-year old, tumbling right off the magic carpet like a glove in the dryer every time it shuddered even just the slightest bit, I’d been on skis. And I was more than satisfied with that. It was the same every Saturday afternoon during winter: my mom would spend almost an hour smothering me in layers upon layers of fleece, coaxing my pudgy legs into my snow pants, and tugging at me and attempting in vain to force

  • Descriptive Essay On Skiing

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    Well, at least I planned on landing it. However, the reality of the situation was different, I ended up hitting the hard snow with my head and shoulder. That happened on my most recent skiing/snowboarding trip. I've been skiing for as long as I can remember but the past few trips I have snowboarded instead. Skiing and snowboarding are some of the things that I'm most passionate about, but the most important part is doing those things with my family and friends. So, get ready to learn some knowledge

  • Descriptive Essay On Skiing

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    For my entire life as I know it, I had been skiing. Ever since I was a little chubby four-year old, falling off the magic carpet every time it bumped the slightest bit, I’d been on skis. And I was more than satisfied with that; I was as happy as a kid with a lollipop when it came to skiing. It was the same every Saturday afternoon during winter: my mom would spend almost an hour layering me with fleeces, squeezing my double layered legs into my snow pants, and tugging at me and attempting in vain

  • The Last Day Of Skiing

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    As thin air encloses me as I inaugurate the last day of skiing at Breckenridge, Colorado. Three days of skiing cease rather painlessly; I stumble oftenly but an evening on the couch next to a crackling wood fire soothes my minor aches. Closing times nudges on the final day of our weekend trip as I prepare for my ultimate run of the vacation. Fresh off the ski lift, I glide towards the junction of the trials unoccupied skilled face of the mountain. I detach my boots from my ski’s and rest them on

  • Personal Narrative-Year Skiing

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    It was a chilly Sunday afternoon with blue skies and all the makings for a good day of early season skiing on that fateful November afternoon. The day was winding down, the Broncos had just kicked off, and my friends and I had just leapt off the chairlift to embark on our last run of the day. All was well on the way down, a blur of orange jerseys rushing by as I sped down the mountain making the most of the last run of my day. Upon our final few turns of the afternoon, I found myself in a predicament