Skull fracture

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  • Concussions : The Dangers Of Concussions In Football

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    Camarillo in his TED talk about concussions where he explains “ The head moves forward, the brain lags behind, then the brain catches up and smashes into the skull. It rebounds off the skull and then proceeds to run into the other side of the skull ”, it is shown in even greater depth in his video basically presenting that “ It does lag behind the skull and then catch up and move back and forth and oscillate. However, the amount of motion you see in the brain is probably not right at all. There's very

  • The Skeleton Owner 's Gender, Ethnicity, Height, And Age

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    INTRODUCTION At 4 pm, in a certain park, 2 skeletons were found lying side by side behind the bushes. It was concluded that the two were a couple because they were holding hands whilst the skull was facing each other. A femur, pelvic girdles, skulls, tibia, and humerus were taken from each of the skeleton and observations were made to identify their gender, race, age, and height. One is a female, and the other was a male, also the skeletons pretty much remained intact from being undisturbed however

  • Dr. Brennen Bones

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    be exact. Estimating sex using the skull is only 90% effective, while using the os coxa is 96%. But, it is better to use the entire skeleton, if it is available. In Dr. Brennen’s case, she did not always have the complete skeleton; the privy remains only provided her with the os coxa, and not the skull or hands, which could have been used in identification of the victim. Dr. Brennen, however, did not describe using the os coxa for sex estimation, just the skull. And another thing that is not very

  • Forensic Criminology : Forensic Anthropology

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    analyses, such as Those involving isotopes, can provide information about the age of bones and a person’s diet. The data gathered is studied and combined to draw conclusions about the deceased individual. For a modern case, photos of the skull may be superimposed on photos of missing people to look for consistencies between the bone and fleshed form. Even in cases where

  • Forensic And How It Helps Determine Child Abuse

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    Forensic Osteology of Child Abuse By: Heather Hogue ANTH328-101 11/26/2016 In my paper, I will explain forensic osteology and how it helps determine child abuse. I will also explain different cultures and situations where child abuse cases take place. I will describe where child abuse has taken place even in ancient times. Lastly, I will explain the challenges of forensic osteology in determining child abuse, what could be mistaken for it, and how it’s properly analyzed. My first article

  • Numerical Analysis Of Human Head Response

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    percentile male human head. It is suggested that the brain 's mechanical response is altered by the size of the head, the central fissure and sulcus, the tentorium and Dura matter. Hence, these components have to be taken into account. The shape of the skull, the composition of gray and white matter, geometry of other soft tissues and the volume of cerebrospinal fluid vary greatly between even similar sized tissues, so no two persons have the exact same response. Hence, a universally relevant head response

  • Forensic Anthropology Analysis Conducted On The 21 / 11 / 14

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    decision to conduct a search of Mr Leonard Wills’ house and garden after his suicide. During the search an oil drum was uncovered, located beneath an ornamental pond. Inside the oil drum a number of black bags (4) were discovered each encompassing a skull, pelvis, and femur. The police are working with the rational that each bag contains the remnants of one person. Aims: The practical aims to establish a minimum number of individuals at the crime scene, a biological profile for each victim and the

  • Sinus And Skull Base Surgery

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    Intra-Operative Image Guidance in Sinus and Skull Base Surgery Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) using rigid endoscopes has developed into becoming the mainstay treatment for opening obstructed outflow tracts of the paranasal sinuses. However, limitations surrounding FESS have resulted in intra-operative Image-Guidance Systems (IGS) to improve outcomes in complex skull base procedures. A principal limitation of the endoscopic endonasal approach is the availability of only a two-dimensional

  • Archaeological Evidence Analysis

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    individuals had a high diet that mostly came from the mid-trophic level. From the anatomical examination of the bones they were confirmed to belong to one individual; the in situ elements of the bones made this possible. The size and appearance of the skull along with the pelvic shape and lack of female characteristics of the pelvic was consistent with aboriginal males from coastal NSW during that

  • Shaking Baby Syndrome Essay

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    Shaken Baby Syndrome Imagine yourself as a sweet, innocent, precious little baby. You are totally dependant upon adults to give you what you need and most importantly love. Your only means of communication is crying so you cry when you need to be fed, when you need your diaper changed, when you aren’t feeling so well, or when you just want some attention. You are crying and someone comes over to you. They pick you up, but instead of holding you and comforting you, talking affectionately to you,