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  • Argumentative Speech On Social Media

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    Mental health is one of the biggest rising health problems among teens and young adults but surely this isn’t down to social media, right? Wrong. With the rates of anxiety and depression increasing by 70% over the past 25 years and an increase from 10,500 to more than 17,500 girls aged 17 or under being admitted to hospital due to self harm over the past decade but have rapidly increased in the last 5 years coinciding with the increased use of social media from young people. This sickening statistic

  • Fireweed Skye Brannon

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    Fireweed War is one of the most feared things in world. The fear of losing someone who is close to you is unbearable. The short story “Fireweed”, by Skye Brannon, deals with problems of being an immi-grant in America and the difficulties with forgetting your past. Baluta and his family are immigrants from Liberia who are having a hard time integrating with their traditions, language and values. The reason for their immigration is shown on (page 3, line 95)“The war will be coming soon..” As Baluta’s

  • John Cusack's Say Anything

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    mates are just two ordinary people who are too stubborn to let the world pull them apart. In this charming, critically acclaimed tale of first love “Say Anything” , Lloyd (John Cusack), an eternal optimist, seeks to capture the heart of Diane (Ione Skye), an unattainable high-school beauty and straight-A student.It is graduation day, 1988, for this

  • I Was Auditioning For One

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    I was auditioning for one of Mr. Kentros ' choirs. I stood in the hallway nervously—as always—Rachel was there practicing for her audition, which was after mine. I 'm ready for this. I can do it! Coby came out of his audition with a giant smile on his face. He put his hand on my shoulder, “have fun, and good luck!” I took a deep breath as I walked into the choir classroom. Mr. Kentros was sitting at the piano with sight reading papers in front of him, there was a chair next and a music stand next

  • Handies: A Short Story

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    again as he stormed back to the castle. At the castle, Skye woke up to the chirping of birds and warm wind hitting her body. She saw a note on her desk, so she looks at the note and read it. “The marriage was cancelled so you could be happy, love Mom.” Skye thought as she read the note. Skye began to cry as she thought of what happened. She could now be with Denarise forever, and she won’t get in trouble for it. Later that afternoon, Skye goes to town to meet up with Denarise at the new store called

  • Zora Hurston's Sweat Essay

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    Living Happily Ever After 1 In Zora Hurston's short story, "Sweat," [Titles] Delia Jones is married to a very dominant and powerful man. Skye [Sp] Jones is his name, and he is an abusive man who has no respect for Delia. Being married for fifteen years seems to be a lot for Delia, considering that she has only loved Skyes [Sp] for a short time after they were married. Living a life of fear and helplessness allows the dominant figure of that person's life to continue to have total control

  • King Sage's Plane: A Narrative Fiction

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    Once Skye came home from school, King Sage was waiting for her. “Father? What’s wrong??” Skye asked. “YOU ARE MY PROBLEM!” King Sage yelled. “What??” Skye asked again, “YOU KISSED THAT PEASANT BOY! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET MARRIED SOON! DO YOU KNOW HOW IT MAKES US FEEL?!” King Sage yelled again, grabbing Skye’s arms violently. The queen comes in and pulls Skye close to her. “HOW DARE YOU! SKYE DIDN'T WANT TO KISS HIM!” Queen Dara yelled back. King Sage stormed off into his room and slammed the

  • A Synopsis Of All I Need By Susane Colasanti

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    Although, with every love story comes the ups and downs of every relationship. Not every relationship is perfect. Within this book, the two main characters; Skye and Seth tell a love story in which they experience their personal ups and downs of having a long-distance relationship. Skye and Seth first met at a party at the Sea Bright during the summer. Skye had been walking along the beach when a stranger had approached her, his name being Seth. They both began to hit it off and discover a connection that

  • My S.O. - An Agents of SHIELD Fanfiction

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    My S.O. – Flick Away, Baby The few times Grant Ward sees Skye as more than a hacktivist – his melodious trainee, a friend, and once, even called his. Training Session “Are you seriously going to rub it in my face every time we train?” Skye cried, picking up the magazine from the table’s surface. “Skye, it’ll reflect badly on me if you keep flunking Gunnery,” Ward protested but thoughtfully gauged her reaction. Seeing as she kept a blank face, he continued, “It’s my job as your S.O…” “That’s

  • Summary Of The Short Novel ' Gentlehands '

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    Buddy and Skye meet they could not be more dissimilar and the large difference in social class leads to a growth in Buddy’s insecurity. He begins to take on a persona that blocks out his innocent younger brother, Streaker, along with his parents. Although his wealthy grandfather is a hugely disliked character from his mother, as of extreme betrayal when she was a child, Buddy uses him to earn respect from Skye. For most of the novel, Buddy struggles with an extreme obsession with Skye Pennington