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  • Slam, Dunk and Hook, and Fast Break

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    In the game of basketball there are two items that are required to play, a ball and a hoop. In the poems "Slam, Dunk and Hook" by Yusef Komunyakaa and "Fast Break" by Edward Hirsch, the authors describe the sport of basketball in their own views. Depending on where you are, people view basketball differently. Basketball may be a mans best friend. The court may be a home for some. In these poems, the authors view the game of basketball entirely different. The correspondence amidst a player and the

  • Nba All-Star Night Research Paper

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    Weekends in several years. Although the All-Star Game wasn’t as competitive as most had hoped, the pageantry surrounding the event was at an all-time high as Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour made its latest stop at the Air Canada Center in Toronto. The Slam Dunk Contest might have been the best ever, the Three-Point Contest came down to teammates and likely the two best shooters in the world, and a big man pulled off the biggest upset of the weekend by winning the Skills Competition. The culmination was

  • Summary Of The Poem Slam Dunk & Hook

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    brilliantly written poem,”Slam, Dunk, & Hook”, the author writes about boys playing a game of basketball with an emotional attitude. He calls the players,”beautiful and dangerous”, shows them changing throughout the poem, and uses a comma to separate the word “slam” from “dunk” to show what the actual focus of the game is. By the end of the game, the players become more advanced without knowing because of their determinations to get their emotions under control. In,”Slam, Dunk, & Hook”, the author writes

  • Personal Narrative : A Basketball Game : The Basketball Team

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    stop him from scoring. I don't think I’ve ever ran harder or faster in a basketball game my whole life. I needed to stop him from scoring, so I put all my effort into this one play. I was trailing right behind him and I knew he was going to try to dunk because he dunked earlier in the game. I saw him take his two steps to the basket and jump and as he did, I did the same. I meet him at the rim of the basketball, and block the basketball out of his hands, it was a vicious block on my part. On our

  • Gianniss Antetokounmpo Analysis

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    giannis antetokounmpo Have you ever had the feeling that, something you see everyday, but you kept ignoring it, like a small tree in your backyard, because it was so insignificant, and suddenly one day, it popped right in front of your eyes because it grew so big that you had to pay attention, and you’re just like, “where did THAT come from? Has it been there the whole time?” That is exactly how I feel about the Bucks guard, Giannis Antetokounmpo. He was barely known by anybody three years ago

  • Personal Narrative-Michael Jordan And I

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    When we got there and we went inside it was humongous. He started to put his bag and his stuff down on the seat, I put my bag close to his so I won't lose it. He started to teach me some tricks,hoops,and moves. When I tried a slam dunk it hit the rim and I was hanging on the rim too,then I slipped and landed feet first. I noticed that I broke my leg because it felt like it was burning and being cooked by a fire from strangers. Michael Jordan called 911,they came very fast. When

  • Personal Essay : A Place To Stand On

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    A Place to Stand On Seven years ago, in the community of Point Clark, my family purchased a humble cottage that would become an essential influence in forming who I am today. A kilometer down the rough dirt road called Sunset Drive, stood an 800 square-foot, modern two bedroom cottage built in the 50’s. Beside the wide, pebbly laneway, in front of the aged-sided structure, stood two twenty-metre tall evergreen trees. These two trees were an escape from the reality of the earth. As such a small child

  • My Narrative Story Of A Youtube Channel

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    NARRATIVE STORY So I made my YouTube channel about 1 year ago, I wanted to do it, but then it was also a dare to do it. At first I thought it was lame, but then I started making more and more videos and got people to actually subscribe to me. Soon I had a few subscribers and I finally noticed all the comments and likes and subscribers I got. I made a video about that and that video about that and that actually got a few more views and likes then I expected, I got a few more subscribers here

  • Michael Jordan’s Second Return to the NBA Essay

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    Michael Jordan’s Second Return to the NBA Michael Jordan has been of interest to me ever since I began playing basketball myself in the fourth grade. I often found myself trying to replicate Jordan’s moves and motions on the court. I already know a great deal about Jordan because I have studied his career and practically memorized his credentials, both as an athlete and a thriving businessperson. I often found myself staring at my ceiling at night reciting free-throw percentages and

  • Personal Narrative: The Harlem Fundraiser

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    This year two of my community service activities went towards setting up for chapel and participating in a fundraiser for Upper Nyack Elementary School. Both of my events took place in the Bowman Gymnasium; however, the chapel set up took place on Monday November 14th for an hour, and the fundraiser event took place on Sunday, November 20th for five hours and fifteen minutes. I didn’t dedicate too much time helping set up chapel in the gym, so I’m going to write about my other community service opportunity