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  • Tansan Chapter 1 Short Story

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    Kendrick asked her to have dinner with him at his cottage. He said was preparing something special for dinner. This would be their last time together before he went back to the oil rig for another twenty-eight day shift. She thought of all that time they would be apart. She wanted to make tonight extraordinary, and something he would remember while he was out on the rig. She also hoped that it would make it easier for her to be without him for the next month. She still hadn’t the courage to

  • Prohibition Of The Former Flint Brewery Building

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    Ralph had gotten home and put the shoes on. They were a size to large and without question the nicest thing he had ever owned. Ralph needed to deliverer some gin to a house around noon and was excited to wear the new shoes out. Though he had never done a delivery before, he had sold to this guy plenty of times at Atwood. He packaged up the gin and headed out just before noon to travel the few blocks to the customer’s house wearing the new red shoes. About a block from the house Ralph saw the two foot

  • The Life of an Immigrant Black Woman Essay

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    more if she is an educated girl, but that education will not seem apparent anymore once she is abroad. “I was given away to this man who paid two white cows, four healthy goats, four lengths of cloth, beads, gold jeweler and two bottles of London Dry Gin to my family, and took me off as his wife from my little African village, Naka, to him in the city”. (Darko p3) “When those so-called traditional courts ask him what gives him the right, his self-righteous excuse is, ‘I bought her.’ Why, he can even

  • Descriptive Essay On A Dog

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    I banged my head against my pillow. “I don’t want to go run a mile!” I shouted. I waited for a response, there was none. Suddenly, my door flew open. For a few moments, no one was there. Suddenly, my mom came running in. “Run a mile with your brother now!” My mom shouted irritatedly. “Ugg” I murmured. My mom gave me a stern look. I better not anger her. I thought to myself. I walked slowly to the door where my brother was waiting. My brother was 13 at the time (now 14). By the look of his face

  • My Father Essay

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    Our world is filled with so many different types of people. As life goes on, people come and go just like you pass cars on the highway. Some grow old while others die young. I have met so many incredible and unbelievable people over the years. However, there is one person who stood out to me above others, my father. He was someone like no other person could be. My father helped me through everything. It is very heart breaking to say I no longer can go to him for anything, but I know he is watching

  • Eli Whitney : An American Originator And Constructer

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    housing, and clothing. Eli Whitney, an American originator and constructer, is a major supplier to the last of these requirements. Whitney, a gentleman of great grit and a victim of ill-fated circumstances, is best recalled as the creator of the cotton gin. His creation, coupled with the advance of the textile industry by Samuel Slater, led to a cotton revolution. (Benson) Born on December 8, 1765, Eli Whitney spent his primary years on his family’s farm in Westborough, Massachusetts. His mother

  • The Night - Original Writing Essay

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    Time seemed to pass so slowly in the basement. Each day, often felt like an eternity for the children. And as the months slipped away and became years, it soon became clear that nothing remarkable was going to happen. That was until Anna again heard a disturbance coming from the road below. She climbed up on the chair and put her face to the glass. And to her dismay, she recognized her mother in the group of people that were being hauled out of hiding spots and marched off. Anna felt her stomach

  • The Market Revolution Essay

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    I believe that one the most major innovation that also brought change in the market revolution was the Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin in 1793 because America lacked cotton most of 1700s, regardless of the fact that they had ability to construct textile factories and had waterways for transport. The southern planters in the past made effort to grow cotton, but never succeeded because

  • eli whitney Essay

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    Eli Whitney      Before the invention of the cotton gin, Americans would remove cottonseed by hand. Slaves were hired to complete this procedure. This would take a very long time and something had to be done. Later on, a man named Eli Whitney invented a device called the cotton gin. The cotton gin is a machine for removing the seeds from cotton fiber. His invention could produce up to fifty pounds of cotton each

  • Why Whitney Never Made It For All Things Mechanical

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    As a young boy growing up in Westboro, Massachusetts it became clear that young Eli Whitney had a passion for all things mechanical. Born in 1765, Whitney spent his childhood on the family farm, however he was fascinated with machine work and technology. By age 12 it was more than apparent where Whitney’s passion was centered, he had already been tinkering with his father’s watch, taking it completely apart and re-assembling it as well as building his own violin. He even started his own business