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  • Policies And Management Issues In FDI Policy In Slovaki A Case Study

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    policies and management issues in FDI decision. Slovakia has a stable economy and politics. One of Slovakia’s point of strength is its currency which is Euro. Slovakia has a well-educated and highly skilled labor. The infrastructure increased in directly proportion. It has a huge distances of available industrial lands to buy and work. It provides the opportunities for creativity and it provides incentives as a rewards for the investments (SARIO , 2017). Slovakia is located in the center of Europe between

  • Characteristics Of Introduction To Kolackys

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    II.Characteristics of Employees As far as employees are concerned, the waitress was very friendly and knowledgable about the food,the art work, and familiar with the distinction between Eastern and Central European cuisine. The hispanic Bar Back and the hispanic Busboy were very friendly to me. The Bartender was very knowledgable about the Beverages at the bar. However he did not take credit for being the mixologist or beverage specialist, but was quite humble. He gave appropriate credit to Danny

  • Analysis Of Bruce Bairnsfather 's One Of Those Balkan Muddles

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    Bruce Bairnsfather’s cartoon, “One of Those Balkan Muddles,” depicts a dejected soldier who is profoundly confused about his nationality and identity. The man does not seem to possess a clear ethnicity or home country, thus neither does he possess a true citizenship. He is not specifically tied to any one people, geographical area, or culture. This caricature reflects a comedized reality for many people living within the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during and prior to World War One. The

  • Impact Of The Romani Communities And Mainstream Slovak Society

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    Romani children’s ability to advance to a higher education. It can also become a hurdle preventing this community to gain sufficient employment to survive and therefore be a full contributor to the country they call home. By looking at the Republic of Slovakia under the following headings; political, military, economic, social, infrastructure, information, physical environment and time (PMESII-PT), gaps can be seen that continue to allow for human rights issues like that with the Roma today to be in the

  • Reasons For The Breakup Of The Soviet Union Essay

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    The Czech Republic and Slovakia. When the two countries split, it was done peacefully, without a fight or war. The Soviet Union broke up because Mikhail Gorbachev resigned from being the president of the Soviet Union. This started many conflicts and confusion. The Soviet Union could no longer keep the union together. Czechoslovakia broke up, after three years of democracy, because the cost of keeping the country together was too high. Most

  • Essay About My Hometown

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    I have spent my life until now in two very different places: half in Kichijoji, Tokyo, Japan, and half in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia (it was not further divided into towns, since the country itself was much smaller than Japan). I consider my hometown to be Kichijoji, since that is where I spent my preschool years and my current residence. Kichijoji is the most popular town to live in in Japan, presumable because of its almost ideal balance of safety and entertainment. The residential

  • Dividing Points in Czechoslovakia

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    of Communism regime, once more affirmed and exposed both republics’ religious identities. Czechs identified themselves less likely as religious than Slovaks, where majority-more than half disclosed themselves as religious. Both Czech Republic and Slovakia have been marked with many nationalistic and religious movements, Czech Republic adopting Protestantism and Slovaks following Catholicism. The differences in religion have influenced the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993. Back in the history-The

  • Early Day Slovakia

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    Early day Slovakia was the border area of the Roman Empire and can be traced back into prehistoric times. In the early 9th century, a Slavic leader named Mojmír created the Great Moravian Empire along the Morava River. This empire covered the area of modern-day Slovakia and Moravia as well as parts of Hungary and Austria. The Great Moravian Empire collapsed in 907 after the Hungarian army invaded the land. After the Empire collapsed, Slovakia became apart of the Hungarian Kingdom and lasted there

  • Case Study Of Ladurée

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    Our group Project is based on introducing the French luxury bakery and sweets maker brand, Ladurée, in Hungary: the brand is mostly known for its double decker macarons and its international expansion began in 2005 (ChocoParis, 2015). In this assignment we are going to analyze the Hungarian market to see if the introduction of this brand will collect a positive feedback. In order to start, we are going to talk about Ladurée and give a brief explanation of this luxury brand: Ladurée was created

  • Czchechoslovkia: From Communism to Democratic Republic

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    Czech Republic and Slovakia but due to their differing militia objectives, an initial gap was created which later led to the total division of Czechs and Slovaks. Coupled with such division, Czechoslovakia was demolished and Czechoslovak officials’ authority was placed in uncertainty. With the designation of the Czechoslovakian party as a criminal organization, the Czech Republic was committed in lustrating the former leaders and placing them under transitional justice while Slovakia remained passive