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  • Key Characters In King Schariar And His Brother

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    Through the presentation of the central characters and subtle yet clever methods of telling the story and conveying its themes are some of the key reasons 'King Schariar and his Brother' is so engaging to all its readers, and perhaps why it has stood the greatest centuries-long test of time. Firstly, the character of King Schariar, the namesake of the story: We are first introduces to him in the context of being his father's son, who was “one of the best monarchs of his time”. The state of the Sassanidae

  • My Family Essay : Summer Vacations And Family Myths

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    Summer Vacations and Family Myths Everyone has them, the stories from their family or childhood so deeply ingrained into their psyche that they can recall it in vivid detail years after the event happened. These stories are usually something or someone causes a trauma that effects the storyteller in some profound way. Mimi Swartz contends that “if we only stick to the facts, our past is as skeletal as black and white line drawings in a coloring book. We must color it in” (p.287). Over the years