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  • Digital Archive Analysis : Histories Of The National Mall

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    changed over time.” Linked to the explorations tab is a scavenger hunt selection. At this point, it is almost certainly geared towards a younger audience. There are only four options in this section: The National World War II Memorial, The Smithsonian Castle, The Korean War Memorial and the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial. A description of each sites’ location and several zoomed in photographs of aspects in the site are the only components included. The people tab articulates prominent

  • The Smithsonian Institution

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    The Smithsonian Institution is an Independent Executive Agency under the United States government, but was not always that. In the beginning, the primary building was the estate of a British scientist by the name of James Smithson. In 1829, James Smithson passed away, and lest an unusual request in his will. According to the Smithsonian's web page, this request was that his whole estate would be given to “the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution

  • Descriptive Essay On African American Museum

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    streets while I sit back observing D. C.’s daily activity. The charter bus continued driving forward making left and right turns when necessary until we reached our destination, 1000 Jefferson Dr., better known as the Smithsonian Institution Building (the Castel). The intimating building stood tall. It looked out of place. As if it belonged in the medieval era and not our own. Nevertheless, I exited the bus, stretched my limbs, and proceeded into the Castel awaiting to see what was inside. Entering

  • The Smithsonian Institute: National Museum

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    Smart Smithsonian The Smithsonian Institute provides us with 19 Amazing historical museums, but they can not be funded relying on solely government funds. All of the Museums are located relatively close to one another and most are on the National Mall. Each of them provides us with a different type of history, whether it's a culture, telling of history, or art. Also, they are a great place to learn numerous things. The Smithsonian Institute is a series of educational museums that if you donate

  • The Museum Of The West Michigan Area

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    Many different museums surround the West Michigan area and are the storage centers of the history of our counties, state, and country. When visiting a museum many people take in the sights and displays but never understand the work behind the scenes that when into providing the great historic exhibits. Many of museums are free admission or a slight admission fee but that small amount of profit is barely enough to keep the lights on. So one may ask how do museum economically survive if there is very

  • The Human Perceptions Of Biological Systems

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    people do not truly grasp the gravity of the depletion of biodiversity that has occurred over the years. This is due to shifting baseline syndrome and its prevalence in today’s society. What is shifting baseline syndrome, how does the exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History teach visitors the concept of “shifting baselines” and “shifting baseline syndrome” as it relates to conservation, and how does the museum as a whole communicate a conservationist message and promote conservationist values

  • Analysis Of The Executive Master Of International Business Program

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    -A THESIS SUBMISSION OF- Corporation as Citizen Leader – Better Giving, Better Business How Multinational Corporations Can Better Impact Social Causes, Mitigate Community Emergencies and How the Right Response to Each Adds Multi-Bottom Line Value in Finance, Culture and Brand Presented to Dr. Seung Kim, Director Boeing Institute of International Business John Cook School of Business Saint Louis University In Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Executive Master of International Business Program

  • Essay Museum Sterotypes

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    a national museum like the National Portrait Gallery, facing a remarkable (and uncertain) era of hyper-accelerated change. This year, I worked to develop content for the museum’s five year Strategic Plan, in accordance with the 2010-2015 Smithsonian Institution Plan. I’ve led focus groups with cross-sections of staff at all levels to aid in forming a consensus on the new direction of the museum, as well as to stimulate conversation across all departments. The staff’s enthusiasm for technological

  • Christopher Columbus : A New Route Or A New World?

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    A New Route or a New World? In the year 1492, towards the end of the Hundred Years’ War, Christopher Columbus had set off to discover a western route to India. During this time of his sailing, Christopher Columbus had made an account of his actions and what had occurred during his voyage across the sea to India. 3 months into the voyage, He had finally arrived at an island of which he believed to be the east side of India. In his excitement, he had labeled the inhabitants of the island as Indians

  • Analyzing The Success And Failures Of Prior Museum Interpretation

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    failures of prior museum interpretation can give guidance for creating successful future exhibits. Reviewing the controversy surrounding the proposed 1995 exhibit The Crossroads: The End of World War II, the Atomic Bomb and the Cold War, at the Smithsonian Institution leads to some possible solutions that could have reduced or perhaps solved the controversy. The central artifact of The Crossroads exhibit was to be a restored B-29 airplane named the Enola Gay. This plane had dropped atomic bombs on the