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  • Predator Vs. Prey: A Short Story

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    For the first time in my life I was away from my family. I was nervous, scared, anxious, and excited all at the same time. I went hiking at night, heard strange noises, and surrounded by unfamiliar faces. All the while I could hear my preschool teacher saying, “Sofia, do it scared!” On September 21-23, 2016 I went to Atwood Center in Rockford, IL. I was with my teachers Mrs. O and Mrs. Renfro, and others from Team 6-4. When we arrived at Atwood I met Allie and Nicole and we quickly became friends

  • My Experience In College

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    I am in a dark blue twelve passenger van with unfamiliar people driving off to an unfamiliar place. Behind me I see my college campus slowly disappear. My summers tends to be chaotic with changes in scenery. Arrived just yesterday and already leaving for training to lead a week-long service trip. It’s my first time as leader and the thought of it reminds me of the wiggling worms I feel in my tummy. The speakers are blaring with some old tune that everyone’s singing along to; I just sit and smile

  • Hershey's Way Of Making Chocolate

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    where it brings out more of the rich chocolate flavor. The final step to Hershey’s chocolate making process is sending the chocolate to the drying rack where it will be cooled, wrapped and distributed all around the world for consumption. For the S’mores taste test, four different types of Hershey chocolate were used to conduct the experiment. There are multiple differences between all four types of Hershey’s chocolates and ingredients used to make them. Milk Chocolate(remove comma)is Hershey’s

  • Hershey 's Way Of Making Chocolate

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    Chocolate is one of the most popular products consumed in the United States and all around the world. Hershey Chocolate Company originated in 1894, by Milton Hershey (Hershey Company, 2015). He was the first American who began producing milk chocolate bars, and eventually created multiple flavors that changed the chocolate industry forever. With such mass production and success, Hershey was able to make milk chocolate, a once luxury item for the wealthy, into an affordable treat for all (Hershey

  • Graham Crackers

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    of year, it’s always the right time for the classic campfire dessert called s’mores. S’more have remained a staple of trips to campgrounds in Canton, TX, and beyond because the combination of a gooey hot marshmallow melting the perfect piece of chocolate while sandwiched between crispy sweet layers of graham crackers makes your mouth water in anticipation. How could such perfection possibly need improvement? Maybe s’mores don’t need improving but a little experimenting won’t hurt, right? Each of

  • S Mores: A Short Story

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    Why did she have to go! It was 3:00 o’clock when I got home from a normal day at school. “How you doing S’mores?” I asked my guinea pig. There was no reply like always. “Good I guess.” I replied to her (myself). I went and picked her up and sat her on my lap like I did almost every day. We watched some tv then I put her back in the cage. Like she always did she ran into her purple castle and started squeaking like always. I went down stairs and got some carrots out of the fridge. I brought

  • Personal Narrative: The Foley Falconettes Dance Team

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    This weekend I, personally did not have much planned. The only activity I attended was a seven-hour dance tryout for the Foley Falconettes Dance Team. At the dance tryout, all the people were made to do learn a dance, jumps and leaps, the splits, and stretch plenty therefore people wouldn’t hurt themselves. I needed to attend this to figure out what team I will be attending this for the winter. After my seven-hour dance tryouts, my family held a campfire. I could sit under the stars and listen to

  • S Mores Pizza Research Paper

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    eaten if it was not for this class! For this assignment, I ate a slice of S’mores pizza. The pizza had melted marshmallows that served as the tomato sauce like on a regular pizza, it had chocolate sauce drizzled on top of the marshmallows like cheese would be on top pf tomato sauce, and it had graham crackers on top of the chocolate sauce like pepperoni would be on top of the cheese. At first, I was scared to try the s’mores pizza because I thought to myself who would eat something like that or it

  • Creative Writing: Dating

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    “Eyes closed?” he whispered in my ear, his hot breath skimming my cheek. “Yes,” I replied, but I couldn’t help but wonder where he was guiding me. However, there was no time left to second guess; his fingers were already eagerly searing to find mine. As he grasped my hand tightly, I could feel his skin again mine, papery and dry, but with a warmth that radiated through the crisp night air. As he lead me slowly forward, I followed, trying to gain my bearings. Leaves crunched beneath our steps, each

  • Night Of The Starry Sky Research Paper

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    The Night of the Starry Sky The breathtaking Lantern Fest is one of the most memorable and extraordinary events to attend, especially with loved ones. In Lantern Fest, people eat s’mores and roast marshmallows around the distributed fire pits and later light up the sky lanterns at a specific time while listening to live music. This celebration of light originated in China in which was used for good fortune, request favorable weather, and/or celebrate the life of a loved one. With the spread of popular